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Somebody buy the AP an atlas…

updated 12:34 p.m. ET, Mon., Dec. 1, 2008

CHICAGO – President-elect Barack Obama announced former rival Hillary Rodham Clinton as his choice for secretary of state Monday and also said he would keep Robert Gates as defense minister as the incoming administration seeks to wind down the U.S. role in Iraq.

The United States does not have a “Defense Minister”  we have a Secretary of the Defense, and anybody reporting on the United States should know that.


NCSU whallops UNC 41-10.  I’m a happy camper.

Where the winds of Dixie softly blow o’er the
fields of Caroline,
There stands ever cherished, N.C. State, as thy
honored shrine
So lift your voices! Loudly sing from hill to
Our hearts ever hold you, N.C. State in the folds
of our love and pride.

Shout aloud to the men who will play the game to win
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State—
Hold that line, hold ’em fast,
We’ll reach victory at last
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State—
Rise up to the fray and let your colors wave,
Shout out for dear old N.C. State;–GO STATE!
And where-e’er we go,
we’ll let the whole world know,
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State.

We’re the Red and White from State
And we know we are the best.
A hand behind our back,
We can take on all the rest.
Come over the hill, Caroline.
Devils and Deacs stand in line.
The Red and White from N.C. State.
Go State!!

I Hope Somebody at NCSU is as Annoyed as I am

This is sick.  Sick and wrong.

 The sellout crowd, as expected, was packed with light blue, and Carolina quickly turned the RBC Center into a routine night at the Smith Center

I’m trying to suppress my gag reflex.

The whole article is a Tarheel love fest.

Meanwhile, while the hated Tarheels are living it up in our basketball arena, the best that the NCSU faithful can do is cheer for people in orange.

It is a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad day for North Carolina State University athletics.

Sidney Lowe, I salute you

“They’re playing without their guard, Atsur, and don’t have much depth, and they never quit and just kept coming,” Gottfried said.

As long as the NCSU basketball team plays like that, we can win.  I don’t know how well NCSU Basketball will do this year, but I do know that they’re no pushovers, and they can beat anybody who doesn’t give them the respect that they deserve.

Despite the odds, I am anxiously awaiting the State/Carolina and the State/Duke games.  No matter what happens in the game, I think that Sidney Lowe and his team will give all NC State alumni and fans a reason to hold their heads high.  Win or lose, it’s apparent that nobody can take our spirit.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel??

WRAL is reporting, and StateFansNation has all the links and commentary you could ever want.

This is not a done deal, though. Per WRAL:

Lowe does not have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year institution, as N.C. State requires of its next coach. Lowe said he is completing his studies this month at St. Paul’s College in Virginia.

There’s one potential problem right there.

But all in all, I’m hopeful that Coach Lowe will kick butt and take names. I hope they televise the first time somebody tells him that we can’t beat Duke and Carolina and that 1983 was a Divine Joke.

Well Said…

Ed Hardin on State Fan’s reaction to even the slightest possibility that Phil Ford might maybe perhaps in a million years, ever, even maybe be considered to be the head coach at NC State. (Via the Red and White from State)

Phil Ford.

Needless to say, State Nation is apoplectic. This isn’t just any former Tar Heel. This is — and you can ask almost any Wolfpack fan — the most hated Tar Heel of them all, the devil incarnate, the last human being on the face of the planet who could rally State fans for anything other than a diploma bonfire.

The only thing worse would be to give Dean Smith himself a call…

I’m a bit troubled…

According to David Glenn Dereck Whittenburg has not recieved a phone call from the higher ups at NC State.

Granted that Whittenburg hasn’t been a head coach for as long as we’d like, but he’s one of us. And I think that he would be a cut above Calipari, Beilein, and Lavin.

Is he the right man for the job? It’s not my call and I really don’t have a good feel of the college basketball coaching scene. I do think he’s a better man for the job than 3 of our 4 public rejections.

I think that we as State Fans have an awful lot to be thankful for. We don’t have our coach yet, and it’s because all of the ones that have been made public except for Rick Barnes are not a good match for this job.

More than anything, right now, we need a leader.

Ready the Torches and Pitchforks…

I just got done reading this post over at State Fans Nation…

Now, I’m not too bothered by Lavin or Beilein passing on the NC State head coaching job. This comment about some of Beilein’s statistics at State Fans Nation really bothered me about him. I haven’t verified it, but it looks like all of Sendek’s weaknesses are more present in Beilein. And Lavin.. well, I’m not sure that we should be courting somebody that UCLA ran off. His academic record’s not that great, from what I understand, and he managed to have a losing season at UCLA a few years after winning the NCAA tournament.

But this… THIS really set me off…

Phil Ford is a Tarheel. WE ARE NC STATE! We are arch rivals! Phil Ford’s name shouldn’t be on the table. Can you say conflict of interests??? State and Carolina have athletically been at each other’s throats for 50 years before I was born. Man the torches and pitchforks, it’s time to storm the campus. This coaching search is beyond out of hand.