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Let the Games Begin

Well, all the stores have set out the Christmas, oh, excuse me holiday decorations already.  So, since the secularists want to sit back and pretend to be innocent, I have decided to just smack them around anyway.

Offender 2006 Number 1:  Best Buy.  Tonight, I saw a commercial for Best Buy where they were trying to convince me to buy my “holiday presents” at Best Buy.  Now, it’s no big secret that I’m a bit of a nerd, and I like to buy lots and lots of presents at Best Buy.  But, since Best Buy isn’t in the business of selling Christmas presents anymore, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere, which is my prerogative in a free society – as well as sending people who ask my advice elsewhere.

On the good list, for now, is Target.  Despite the flack that they’ve gotten for not letting the Salvation Army solicit donations at Christmastime, they aired a commercial I saw tonight that said “Merry Christmas”.  I don’t usually shop at Target, but for that, I might make a special point to.

So, it’s come down to this…

Via Captain Teach

We have the unfortunate case of a few neer do well celebrities who think it’s ok to go to a country that’s hostile to the United States and trash our President.

To borrow an old expression, he may be a quasi-socialist big government politician, but he’s our quasi-socialist big government politician.

George W. Bush is a whole lot more like Lyndon Johnson than Ronald Reagan, and that’s not acceptable any at all, but he’s still the President of the United States, the duly elected President of the United States, I might add. Considering that there are more Venezuelans who hate Hugo Chavez than there are who hate George W. Bush (at least in terms of a percentage of the population), and considering that Hugo Chavez ain’t exactly noted for running an honest election, these guys are about 2 lifters shy of an engine.

God first, Family Second, North Carolina Third, The South fourth, The United States fifth and that’s where loyalty ends. The members of this group that went to Venezuela ought to be ashamed of themselves.

I for one do not intend to take this leftist/globalist revolution lying down.

From Hell’s Heart, I Stab At Thee!

Y’all might remember my post from the other day about Midas, well, I put my Car Quest muffler on my truck today, and I figured I would share more of the ordeal with y’all. You see, the folks at The Garner Midas seemed to think that the muffler didn’t look like a Midas muffler (although, in fairness, they said that they’d honor their warantee, assuming that they actually had a muffler. I went to 2 midases, neither of me have called yet.) I, however, just wanted to share this lovely image of the muffler. (click the more link to show it, in consideration for dail uppers)

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The Blacklist Grows

Midas is officially on my blacklist.

As many full size trucks as GM pumped out from 1988 through 1998, all with pretty much the same setup, these jokers don’t keep one single solitary little muffler around for my truck. It takes 5 to 7 days to get a muffler. Oh please. I walked into Car Quest and bought a muffler no problem, with a lifetime warantee, I might add.

But, speaking of lifetime warantees, I should mention that my truck has a Midas muffler in it. And it’s worn out. I’m sorry, Mr. Midas Man, but my truck didn’t get sold three months after the muffler was installed as per your plan, so now, 10 years and 100,000 miles later, you have to (or should have to) pay up on that Lifetime Guarantee I was promised.

But can I get a muffler? Nooooooooooo. They don’t have mufflers at Midas. Even though they claim to do exhaust work they don’t stock a muffler for a Chevrolet pickup truck.

Read this exerpt from Midas own webpage with irony.

All Midas mufflers are built to take a beating. In fact,
most of them even carry a lifetime guarantee. And we’ve got all
kinds, too. Economy mufflers, luxury mufflers, high-performance
mufflers—even mufflers designed for off-roading. And if you’re
not sure which one is right for you, don’t be afraid to ask one of
our technicians for an expert opinion. After all, we built our
reputation by installing more mufflers than anybody else.