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I Do Hereby Issue a Challenge For A Duel of Nonsense

I do hereby issue a challenge for the title of Champion of Nonsense of the Blogosphere.

Any takers?

The Rules:

The International High Consulate of Champions

Sir Shaun, High Chancellor

Rules for issuing and fighting a duel of nonsense

1.1 All parties wishing to duel must first declare a challenge to the reigning champion.

1.2 In the case there is no champion then a challenge is made to the entire board and one member shall accept said challenge

1.2.1 Should no poster accept the challenge than the challenger shall be declared champion of the board and will be granted all rights due a champion provided they swear to abide by the laws of the IHCofC.

2.1 Once the initial challenge is issued all parties involved must declare a champion to fight for them and an advisor for the duration of the duel.

2.2 The champion and advisor can be yourself but are not required to be ones self.

2.2.1 The champion is the only one allowed to do any dueling

2.2.2 The advisor is the only one allowed to offer official advice The advice given by the advisor may be accept but does not have to be accepted The advisor may issue a request to end the duel by right of necessity should they feel you are loosing in order to spare you from humiliation and defeat. Should you feel your advisor has violated your right to duel you may petition the IHCofC for right of new advisement and an overturn of forfeiture.

3.1 The duel begins with the champion of the challenger issuing a decree (challenge) unto the champion of the champion.

3.1 The one being issued the challenge then has seven days in which to escape said challenge, and then has seven days with which to issue a challenge unto the challenger.

3.1.1 In cases where one is not able to answer due to absence then a written notice must be given stating when you be gone and when you will return.

3.1.2 In case of computer troubles keeping you from the duel you must petition the IHCofC for a decree of excused absence in order to re-enter the duel.

3.2 The duel continues in this fashion until one of the champion cannot escape a challenge or and advisor issue a withdrawal order.

4.1 No outside help is allowed.

4.2 The Use of magic is prohibited as it may offend some people.

4.3 Nonsense is the only true weapon.

4.4 The use of logic is forbidden unless it may be proven nonsensical logic.

4.5 Absolutely no cheating in anyway shape or form.

4.5.1 If found cheating you automatically lose any title you have and forfeit the match to the opposing party.

4.6 Let it be known that in the matter of the current duels being held all challenges may only be posted once by each dueler. A repeat challenge is useless and therefore defeated before being posted meaning the one being challenged does not need to escape it. Each challenge may be issued once and only once by each dueler. Therefore the one being challenged if having escaped a challenge may repost that challenge at any time to the one whom made the challenge. Each challenge being posted in a duel by a challenger may be posted again in the following cases… 1 it be posted in a new duel separate from the one in which it was originally posted. 2. In such a way as the new challenge only uses a small part of the old challenge. However valid and substantial proof should be shown that said challenge is indeed not original enough from the old challenge then it will be thrown out and the duel forfeited unless the one being challenged wishes to allow an alternate challenge to be issued.

Section 5 rules regarding tournaments amongst multiple duelers:

5.1 All of the rules for dueling for right of championship must be obeyed here.

5.2 The winner of this duel is to be given the right to be next to challenge the current board champion pending the completion of the duel.

5.3.1 Upon the initial challenge being posted all parties involved must escape the challenge except for the party whom issued the challenge.

5.3.2 Should any party fail to escape within the seven day limit they shall be banned from the remainder of the tournament.

5.4 Any third or fourth or infinite party may enter the duel at any given point under the tradition set forth in the first tournament of duelers, pending the fact that they must first issue there intent and escape all previous challenges up to the point where they enter the tournament in order of their posting.

5.5.1 In special cases as this there shall be a separate judge appointed.

5.5.2 The moderator as acting judge in duel of championship shall not be judge of the tournament in order to allow them the time needed to accurately judge the current duels under their jurisdiction.
5.5.3 Rather the judge for the tournament shall be a member of the International High Consulate of Champions since this is a prestigious tournament and very much within the realm of nonsense. The first judge shall be the current Supreme Chancellor as no other member of the High Consulate is more prestigious than he or she. Should the Supreme Chancellor be too involved in other matter he or she may indeed appoint an interim judge to fill in until such a time as he or she may return.

5.6 Upon all members escaping the challenge, or the time limit expiring; whichever comes first; the judge shall review the escapes and based on his or her knowledge of nonsense shall issue a declaration of whom receives the prize of right to issue the next challenge.

You know you’ve finally made it when you get your own fan art!

Yes, I have my own fan art now!

Take that Vox Day

Take thatFrank J (I’m ignoring your fan clubs and alliance of support of instapundit against you… oooh yeah…)

Take that Instapundit


Check it out:

And for the explanation:

Kudos to Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has made a bunch of movies of him and Superman hanging out, and he’s managed to get American Express to bankroll the whole thing.

They’re hillarious, and I’m green with envy. I never much cared for his show, but this, I can get into.

Seinfeld, you clever clever man you. Color me impressed.

I really wish I had come up with a plan this good first.

You can check it out at

IMAO Judge the IMAO babe contest

I have entered Frank J’s IMAO be the judge for the IMAO babe contest. I am confident that I will win, because what kind of person would not recognize my amazing brilliance?

Here is my entry:

What strikes fear into the dirty hippie commie mind better than IMAO? NOTHING. Frank J. is a genius who is far more brilliant, entertaining, and insightful than Jonah Goldberg. Who other than the Great and Powerful Frank can overthrow the domination of the Instapundit? There is no funnier place than IMAO, and any contest that says otherwise was horribly rigged! 3 words show the supremacy of IMAO, “In My World”. Not even the treachery of monkeys can stop his heroic Frankness! Three cheers for IMAO, the Greatest Thing Ever!! Any disagreement with this statement will make Chomps very angry!!

How could Frank turn that down??

He thinks I’m trapped.

High Ground read my previous post and he thinks that he knows what it is I have planned. Isn’t that so amusing? He’s sort of on the right track but he’s going to be floored when he finds out my brilliant escape. Yes. I’m as good as free right now. 4 feet of adamantium? Hahahahaha.

Yes, there is a great many things that Mr. H. Ground does not know, and it shall be his downfall once more!