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He Is Risen

Jesus, being God, came to earth as one of us.  He lived a perfect and sinless life, then willingly went to the cross to atone for our sins, to reconcile us with Him.  He laid down His life of His own volition, and then He took it up again on the third day, of His own power.  He is the Savior of the world.   And in the end, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess His righteousness.


Supporting Phil Robertson

It’s funny how a guy who is famous for making duck calls can stir up such a spectacle simply by providing a Biblical answer to the question of what he considers to be sin.

I’m not a big Duck Dynasty fan, I prefer flannel to camouflage.  But this has turned into a major skirmish in the “culture war”.  I think that Mark Steyn has pretty well summed it up (he would know, the Canadians tried to throw him in jail for not toeing the politically correct line in an ill fated anti-free speech crusade).

I’m well aware of that, thank you. In the early days of my free-speech battles in Canada, my friend Ezra Levant used a particular word to me: “de-normalize”. Our enemies didn’t particularly care whether they won in court. Whatever the verdict, they’d succeed in “de-normalizing” us — that’s to say, putting us beyond the pale of polite society and mainstream culture. “De-normalizing” is the business GLAAD and the other enforcers are in. You’ll recall Paula Deen’s accuser eventually lost in court — but the verdict came too late for Ms Deen’s book deal, and TV show, and endorsement contracts.

Up north, Ezra and I decided that, if they were going to “de-normalize” us, we’d “de-normalize” them. So we pushed back, and got the entire racket discredited and, eventually, the law repealed. It’s rough stuff, and exhausting, but the alternative is to let the control-freaks shrivel the bounds of public discourse remorselessly so that soon enough you lack even the words to mount an opposing argument. As this commenter to Mr Steorts noted, the point about unearthing two “derogatory” “puerile” yet weirdly prescient gags is that, pace Marx, these days comedy repeats as tragedy.

Marriage is a divinely ordained institution between a man and a woman.  The Bible is very explicit regarding homosexuality.  It is not an issue that Christians have any room to compromise on.


Today’s Supreme Court Decision

Well, anybody that has been around here long enough knows that I can’t let this pass without throwing down my two cents worth.

The Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional for the Federal Government to decline to recognize homosexual unions in states that perform them.  But left in place the parts of DOMA that exempt the states from honoring homosexual “marriage’ performed in other states.

How long will it be before the Federal Government begins to use its considerable clout to withhold funds from states because they don’t recognize homosexual unions?  This has been the way that the feds operate for a long time now, they can’t make you comply, but they can hike up taxes and refuse to send any of that money back into your state if you don’t obey their whims.

The endgame is, of course, as it always has been, the silence of the Church.  Christians cannot accept a homosexual union.  If you do, you’re not a Christian.  The Bible is very explicit on the subject.  I wonder how long it will be before the federal government gives the faithful a choice between editing Scripture and facing government persecution?

Defiance of Injustice is Heroism

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has taken exception to Roy Costner’s Valedictorian speech where he recited The LORD’s Prayer.  Reportedly saying the following:

The school district had been in a battle over public prayers after the FFRF filed a complaint objecting to what they called an “unconstitutional prayer practice.”

They hold the school district responsible for Costner’s open act of defiance and what they called a string of problematic religious violations.

“The valedictorian who so insensitively inflicted Christian prayer on a captive audience at a secular graduation ceremony, is a product of a school district which itself set an unconstitutional example by hosting school board prayer,” FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a prepared statement.

I think that it is time to make something perfectly clear to the Marxists trying to consolidate power in this country.  We are not serfs.  We are not subject.  We Are Americans.

Roy Costner has the God Given and Constitutionally Guaranteed rights of Freedom Of Religion and Freedom of Speech and no judge, law, or “foundation” can take that from him or us.

This came up a few weeks ago talking about prayer opening county meetings in North Carolina.  The Federal Government has no right and no standing to tell how we may pray, where we may pray, and who we may pray to.

Becky Gerritson made headlines this week by going to Congress and telling them that they had “forgotten their place”.  The government has not forgotten its place.  It has overstepped the bounds of its authority in almost every way imaginable.  The Third Amendment to the Bill of Rights is pretty much the only one that has not been infringed.

There can be no answer to these infringements of our rights except defiance.

Patrick Henry said, “give me liberty or give me death!”.  Those are the options we should give to the government.  Compliance with these edicts that infringe on our God Given Rights cannot be an option if we expect for the government to respect them in the future.

On Abortion

Today, Vox Day posted what I think is probably one of the best treatises on abortion I have ever seen.  And so I am going to quote most of it, but his entire post is worth reading.

Let’s make it perfectly clear.  If you are a doctor or a nurse who performs abortions, you are every bit as bad, every bit as purely evil, as the SS-Totenkopfverbänder who slaughtered people in the National Socialists’ extermination camps.  And if you are a woman who aborts her child, you are every bit as bad, every bit as disgusting, as the SS guards at those camps, who may not have bloodied their hands themselves, but were complicitcollaborated by making the killing possible.

And if you simply support the so-called “right” to legal abortion, you are no better than a card-carrying member of the National Socialist German Workers Party.  In fact, you are even worse.  For all their many flaws, the National Socialists at least had a substantive cause: the preservation of a defeated and economically devastated German nation.  Your cause is mere female convenience, rendering you even more repellant and abominable in the eyes of anyone who values human life.  Their symbol was the reversed Swastika, but yours should be a pyramid of infant skulls.

I understand you have your rationalizations and your justifications.  I am aware that you firmly believe that an unborn, or partially born, or newly born, child is either not human or is for some reason or another unworthy of the same right to life possessed by adult human beings who hate racism, support sexual equality, and voted for Barack Obama. I appreciate that you are absolutely convinced that acting to terminate the life of a genetically unique individual who is dependent upon his mother for his continued survival is no different than cutting one’s hair or trimming one’s nails.  I know you assert that because it is a woman’s body, she can do whatever she wants with it, all the various trespassing and drug and flasher laws notwithstanding. Or perhaps you have a different reason, in which case feel free to make your case for it here.

But remember this: the Nazis had their justifications too. And those justifications were considerably more soundly rooted in science, history, and logic than yours are.

I assure you, I guarantee you, that future history is going to remember feminists and everyone else who supported the 20th-21st century Holocaust of the Unborn with every bit as much disgust and horror as today’s progressives regard 18th-19th century slavers and 20th century Nazis.  The tide is already beginning to turn, as many feminists have finally realized a few of the unforeseen, but retrospectively obvious consequences of their so-called right and begun lobbying for laws against sex-screening and the free exercise of their unholy “right” for officially unapproved reasons.

So, I call on you to rethink your stance, truly rethink it, and repent. Redeem yourself by turning against this evil practice you have supported and speaking out against it. Ask for forgiveness from God and from the millions of innocents whose deaths you rationalized and even encouraged.  What is done cannot be undone, but it is never too late to turn away from evil and refuse to continue walking along its dark path.

Stop all the endless rationalizations and justifications. Just stop. They are pointless. You know, in your heart of hearts, they aren’t convincing anyone.  They aren’t even convincing you.

I have nothing to add to that.

Establishment of Religion

A bill recently put forward in the General Assembly objecting to the Federal courts issuing an injunction against local governments opening their meetings with Christian prayer.

It’s a poorly worded bill that will never see a vote.  That being said I support the sentiment.

First, I say that it’s poorly worded for one simple reason, it proposes that North Carolina has the right to create an Establishment of Religion (and strictly speaking, that is true.  Maryland had an official state religion – Catholicism – when they adopted the Constitution).  It is a fight that nobody is interesting in having and that nobody wants.  The REAL issue is that opening a government meeting with Christian prayer is not, in any way shape or form, an establishment of religion and thus IS NOT prohibited under the US Constitution or the State Constitution.


Second, and I think it’s the real point of the objection in the drafted legislation, is that what right does the Federal Government have to tell the local citizenry who they can or cannot pray to?  By attempting to tell North Carolinians what kind of prayers are acceptable to the government, they are in fact establishing a religion and violating the first amendment rights of the people.  And secularism is a religion, make no mistake about that.

He IS Risen

He IS Risen.

There is nothing that can change that fact.  The temporal problems of this world are limited by the very nature of their existence.

Jesus conquered it all.  Nothing can stop Him.  He has a plan and it’s happening no matter what the forces of evil try to do to stop it.

He is our hope.  And He is our Salvation.  And in these uncertain times, He is everything.

On Gay Marriage / DOMA

So, I was all set to write a nice, well though out entry on the problems with the Gay Marriage and DOMA cases before the Supreme Court, but Erick Erickson at Red State basically stole my ideas before I wrote them.

Therein lies the problem for the gay rights movement.

As long as there are still Christians who actually follow Christ and uphold his word, a vast amount of people around the world — never mind Islam — will never ever see gay marriage as anything other than a legal encroachment of God’s intent.

So those Christians must be silenced. The left exerted a great deal of energy to convince everyone that the gay lifestyle is an alternative form of normal. It then has exerted a great deal of energy convincing people that because the gay lifestyle is just another variation of normal, gay marriage must be normalized.

Meanwhile, those Christians are out there saying it is not normal and are refusing to accept it as normal because of silly God dared to say marriage is a union between a man and woman.

Any Christian who refuses to recognize that man wants to upend God’s order will have to be driven from the national conversation. They will be labeled bigots and ultimately criminals.

Already we have seen florists, bakers, and photographers suffer because they have refused to go along with the cultural shift toward gay marriage. There will be more.

Once the world decides that real marriage is something other than natural or Godly, those who would point it out must be silenced and, if not, punished. The state must be used to do this. Consequently, the libertarian pipe dream of getting government out of marriage can never ever be possible.

Within a year or two we will see Christian schools attacked for refusing to admit students whose parents are gay. We will see churches suffer the loss of their tax exempt status for refusing to hold gay weddings. We will see private businesses shut down because they refuse to treat as legitimate that which perverts God’s own established plan. In some places this is already happening.

And that’s the problem in a nutshell.  And it only gets worse when you consider that the Supreme Court will likely have to settle the issue of can the federal government order Christians to provide health insurance that covers things that violate their religious beliefs (ie abortion or in the case of Catholics contraception).  If you asked George Washington or Thomas Jefferson the answer would clearly be an unequivocal no, the government cannot force you to do any such thing.

We have been on a steady marxist march in this country for far too long.  The requirements that employers provide health coverage to their employees is marxist.  Social Security is marxist, medicare is marxist.  It’s all about moving the country in the direction of socialism.  The left plays a long game.  And now they’re using the issue of gay marriage to give them a weapon that they can use against Christians in order to silence us and force us from the public square.  It really is that simple.

All the pieces are set.  The plans are in motion.  The only question at this point is, will they get away with it?  Only God knows, and only time will reveal that answer to us.  But from where I am sitting, they may have very seriously overreached.  Much like the python that tried to eat the gator it may simply be too much too fast for them to digest.