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Kudos to Sears…

Tonight, I went to Sears, and the first thing I saw was a sign that says “Merry Christmas”.  They scored some points with me by doing that.

Of course, selling my Arch Nemesis’ sheets is still disturbing.  And I’m still not too wild about the whole K-mart thing… but I’ll take what I can get.  I spent more than I planned to because they did a small thing that made me feel like they wanted my business.

Let the Games Begin

Well, all the stores have set out the Christmas, oh, excuse me holiday decorations already.  So, since the secularists want to sit back and pretend to be innocent, I have decided to just smack them around anyway.

Offender 2006 Number 1:  Best Buy.  Tonight, I saw a commercial for Best Buy where they were trying to convince me to buy my “holiday presents” at Best Buy.  Now, it’s no big secret that I’m a bit of a nerd, and I like to buy lots and lots of presents at Best Buy.  But, since Best Buy isn’t in the business of selling Christmas presents anymore, I’ll be taking my business elsewhere, which is my prerogative in a free society – as well as sending people who ask my advice elsewhere.

On the good list, for now, is Target.  Despite the flack that they’ve gotten for not letting the Salvation Army solicit donations at Christmastime, they aired a commercial I saw tonight that said “Merry Christmas”.  I don’t usually shop at Target, but for that, I might make a special point to.