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I read another article calling the Passion anti-semetic. It put me in a bad mood again. I can’t think of anything to post but a longwinded rant that will set a tone I don’t want to set for this blog. I am really ticked off. It’s such a load of bovine excrement.

[UPDATE] apparently, I’m not alone

Vox Day chimes in on it

The Evangelical Oupost has his say

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Both writers better articulate my dissatisfaction with the Passion-bashers.


All these people calling the Passion anti-semetic really tick me off. It makes me too upset to rant in such a forum about it, so I’ll just leave it at that. Maybe later. But I want to keep my record of posting every day going 😀

Continuing playing in Linux

I’ve got BootMagic working for Fedora, Mandrake, and Windows. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I have Fedora recognizing the Fat32 partition, but I haven’t messed with trying to get Mandrake to do it, though. Anyway, it looks like I’ve finally got it set up how I want it. Heh heh heh.

Now that I can put stuff I do in Fedora in a safe partition, I can work in Fedora and if I get tempted to push buttons that I don’t know exactly what they do, I won’t be out what I was doing.

I’m on the verge of being ready to completely exorcise the Evil Demon Bill Gates™

AHA! My scheme worked!

Well, I’ve got BootMagic configured so that I can load WinXP, Fedora, or Mandrake. Now all I have to do is configure Mandrake and Fedora to see the Fat32 partition I left and I’ll have things like I want them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

More adventures in Linux

I caved. I bought Partition Magic. Partition magic has allowed me to create enough partitions to run WinXP, Fedora, and Mandrake, and have an extra Fat32 partition for swapping.

And I have gone to BootMagic for my bootloading, and I have it working for WinXP and Fedora. Hopefully, I’ll have Mandrake up soon. But this new setup I’ll be able to play in Fedora, Mandrake, and Windows and transfer files between them. If it works pretty well, I’ll have to get a new hard drive with more space.

No Passion for me

Stupid stupid snow. It snowed today. I was going to see The Passion of the Christ with my sister and her boyfriend today, but nooooooo, a little bit of snow and she flips out and cancels. I’m irked. I wanted to see that movie, I was looking forward to it. I had preordered the tickets.

The theater says I can trade in the tickets when I want to see the movie, but if it’s sold out, I’m out of luck now. Stupid snow.

Pure Commie Evil.

There is a stake in my yard. A surveyor stake. A surveyor stake that belongs to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The dirty little communists are scoping out my yard. Immenent Domain? A vile and decrepic communist scheme that flies in the face of all that is good and holy in this country.

I bet they keep a picture of Lenin, Stalin, Mau, and Kim Jong-Il and his stupid poofy hair in their offices.

What I am.

I have finally figured out the perfect description of my politics. I am a Jesse Helms Conservative. My only grudge against Senator Helms is that he retired before I was able to vote for him.

Same Sex Marriage Blown Away

The Physics Geek Lets the Same Sex Marriage advocates have it Below is an excerpt from why he thinks a constitutional amendment is a bad idea to fix this problem, but he’s got all the bases covered.

And finally, a constitutional amendment provides no protection from the judges mentioned above. When O’Connor actually states in one of her opinions that the appearance of corruption supersedes the 1st amendment, you can be certain that it wouldn’t be difficult for her to find some other reason to flout a constitutional amendment with which she didn’t agree. My guess is that she’s already salivating at the chance to impose her will on the country again. Looks like power-and senility- do corrupt.