Monthly Archives: March 2004


Well, GM has decided to discontinue the 350. It’s a shame. It’s a good engine. There’s also about 10 left in Raleigh, and I’m getting mine. As I haven’t written anything interesting of late, I can only say that when my truck is broke, I get very antsy.

I’m a Professional!

I got my first issue of the Forest Products Journal today. In addition, I got my membership information for the Forest Products Society. I am now a member, and I can search the database. I’m a very happy little wood fellow. Ah, the joy of peer reviewed research, all at my fingertips. This month’s journal had a plethora of articles on CCA lumber. There was a fair bit of talk about leeching, which has only become an issue because people are upset about arsenic. The amount of arsenic leeching from CCA lumber is not enough to harm even small animals, never mind human beings. Of course, driving up the price of lumber is probably the goal of the people behind this. Higher lumber prices mean fewer trees cut down, which is mighty shortsighted of the environmentalists, considering that trees are one of our few renewable resources. But I digress. Back to the joy that is peer reviewed articles.

There was also an interesting article on Near Infrared Spectroscopy, which is available for free here.

Ahh, it’s good to be a member of a professional society.

Back to Immenent Domain

Stoney from Rebel Yell has mentioned the vile and detestable DOT and their imminent domain powers. Now, granted, I’m a teensy bit upset that the two bit despots are going to take my yard, but it does seem like they do manage to have all manner of scandals. Just a few years ago, they got caught paving friends of the governors mile long driveways on the taxpayers money. And now, they’re taking my yard, and my neighbors to each side and across the streets yards, and that’s it, to put in a turn lane for a park that has next to no visitors and a subdivision with at most 7 houses. It’s absolutely not necessary. Some beurocrat with a “Grand Vision” is behind this, and when I find out who I”m making it my business to make sure they know what I think of their vision, and sending them gift certificates to the optomitrist is only the beginning. Stupid beurocrats.


Didn’t go to the beach, but we did work on my truck, a lot. Replaced the oil pump and everything that could have possibly go wrong did. Suffice to say, I was right when I said the truck was on its last legs. The new oil pump hasn’t improved anything, which means, tomorrow is engine shopping day, where I find out how much it’s going to cost me to either buy or rebuild a Chevy 350

My Birthday

Well, today was my birthday. It pretty much passed without much fanfare. I got a CD Changer, a minifridge, a few books, and a couple other assorted things.

Not a bad day. Resident pontificator is now 23 years old.

Why we hate Duke

The Truth About Duke is going after the second most evil university in North Carolina for their incessant whining. If they keep this up, Carolina fans might not be the recognized whiners anymore.

Also, TAD pointed to this article in the Duke Chronicle about why people not only want Duke to lose, but they want injuries to them.

I’ll tell you why. It’s because JJ Reddick is a punk. Just look at him, dancing all around the court then shooting a 3 pointer then doing a happy little jaunt down to the other end of the court. Come on, learn some humility. It’s bad enough that you run around beating people left and right, the least you could do is be gracious about it.

The Most Evil Man in the History of the United States

In my opinion, Abraham Lincoln was the worst President in the history of the United States. What did he expect to happen when he called up all those men to invade the South? Did he really expect the remainder of the Southern States not to secede? Did he expect the South to just submit?

If he was serious about preserving the union, he would have stepped down from the Presidency. He could have tried just a teensy bit of diplomacy. Instead, he tried to resupply Fort Sumter and in doing so started war.

And further, he advocated a strategy of total war against a population that he declared were citizens under him. Total. War. Slobodon Milosovec did less, and he is charged with war crimes. Lincoln shouldn’t have a memorial, he should be the most despised figure in American history for his tyrannical actions.