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Webhosting issues

Stupid crackers.

My webhost has come under a DOS attack. If you’ve had trouble accessing any of my stuff, that’s why.

Check out the webpage for my webhost. You don’t suppose that the DOS is based on religious bigotry, do you? Against Christians? *gasp* Why, we’re a majority in the U.S. that kind of thing could never happen!

Anyway, any of you God fearing folks might ought to say a prayer for the guys at ChristianWebHost, as they are probably working their butts off right now, and it’s a holiday weekend. (what other time would the trolls have to organize their nonsense?)

The time has come to say goodbye

You know what, I’ve had about all I can take of Windows. It’s not that I hate Windows, I like Windows, it’s that I hate the license agreement that comes with Windows.

In my work, I have been taking my laptop with me to jobsites to do testing on the various AV systems I’m working on (it makes sense since most of the guys paying for these rooms want to be able to bring their laptops in and plug ‘em up and have ‘em work). Anyway, I’ve noticed that I often find myself unable to log onto the various networks. I figured it must be either because they’re not publicly accessible or I’m not running WindowsXP Pro on my laptop. Now, I can’t do anything about the public accessibility of the networks, but I can fix the Windows issue.

You see, when WinXP first came out, I bought WinXP pro for my old IBM Aptiva, as WindowsME was very easily the worst operating system ever made. I never should have “upgraded” it from 98SE, but I digress. WinMe wouldn’t run any networking that I wanted, and I had just gotten my laptop and I really really wanted to be able to keep a backup of my important stuff on my desktop computer. It was slow, but I had put a nice big hard drive in it and it was good for storing stuff. So, I have a perfectly legal copy of WindowsXP.

Naturally, I thought, “Hey, I have a legally acquired copy of WindowsXP Pro at home, I wonder if I can just put that on my laptop??”. Well, I looked at the EULA and what do you know, I can’t. Not only that, but upon closer inspection, I can’t have any more than 10 computers file/print sharing with my XPPro machine. What on earth is that about? They think that they’ll sell more copies of WindowsServer? I have news for you, Microsoft, I’m not in the server market.

And then there’s the whole idiotic product activation scheme. They want to stop piracy? That’s all well and good, but how about instead of making everybody activate Windows to make it work, you charge for WindowsUpdates, or simply make unregistered versions ineligible for WindowsUpdates. All the security holes in Windows will eat them alive. I know that Microsoft has incorporated the crippleware for WindowsUpdate into XP service pack 1. That’s fine with me. What I hate is that they are requiring me to activate the stinking thing after they’ve put a ton of restrictions on how I can use it and then want me to call them if I have to reinstall it? Never mind actually having to reinstall it, it will deactivate itself if I make significant hardware changes to my computer. It’s too far.

Not only that, but Symantec has jumped on the activation bandwagon. My mom recently bought NIS 2004, and the thing immediately crashed on her (but not before it was activated, lousy piece of crap). I am most displeased with Symantec. Because of the product activation, it makes simply uninstalling it and reinstalling it a hassle.

So, to Windows, I fear you have left me no recourse but the one fingered salute.

Viva Linux and the GPL.

If Vox Was President

And now, by popular request, I shall continue my, “If they were President” idea. Sarah mentioned bringing in a few more colorful characters, and it was something I wanted to do in the original, but the truth be told, my writing skills aren’t that great, so weaving the story would have become cumbersome and awkward. But you know, practice makes perfect, so here’s the continued installation.

As a note, if any of y’all object to being in this tale, say the word and I’ll edit you.
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Kudos to Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld has made a bunch of movies of him and Superman hanging out, and he’s managed to get American Express to bankroll the whole thing.

They’re hillarious, and I’m green with envy. I never much cared for his show, but this, I can get into.

Seinfeld, you clever clever man you. Color me impressed.

I really wish I had come up with a plan this good first.

You can check it out at

If They Were President

Allright, I’m kicking around an idea that I think will be funny and insightful at the same time. Let me know what y’all think. If I get good reaction to it, I might do more. What my basic premise is I will take my victim and pretend that they were President and conjure up a (hopefully) amusing and insightful scenario.
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The Best News I’ve Had In A While

Chad reports that the Dukes of Hazzard is coming to DVD

I still have all my Dukes of Hazzard stuff. My truck has a Dixie Horn in it. I recorded both of the movies that came on TV a few years back.

Yeah, I’m hopeless.

And now, a word of warning. If you clowns talking about a movie let pansy little sissy boy actors from California anywhere near that movie, I won’t see it in the theater. If you let Britney Spears within a mile of it, I’ll actively boycott it. You take away the Confederate Flag, and I will raise the biggest stink in all the world over it.
You have been warned. You want it remade right (ie, what the fans want and will pay for)? Call me. Contact info is on the sidebar.

Burned out…

I’m feeling a little burned out today, so no blog posting on pertinent issues. However, we’ll just do a general roundup of some of my not so official comings and goings…

Here, I waded into the homosexual marriage debate

Nate, the blogger blaster, has some amusing comments. I seem to be spearheading the mock Vox Day movement. All in good fun, of course. Speaking of which, we now know what Vox would look like without his mohawk.

Speaking of Vox, I’ve also noticed over at his blog that his fans are wondering what he sounds like and looks like. This can be rendered easily enough with a standard Google search. I was able to find lot of information, up to and including his real name, which came about by following the bread crumbs, but it wasn’t entirely obvious either. (Here’s a hint, google the title of the book he has actively promoted at his blog “Rebel Moon” and pay special attention to the what comes up in the Original Cyberpunk’s domain. If you notice the discrepancies there, you’ve solved the puzzle)

Stoney is going on vacation, which means that my overall favorite Southern blogger will be unupdated for a while. But recharging your batteries is good too. *looks at the title of the post and mutters something about hypocrisy*

And one final note, on my post from the other night, Ted Rall is still an idiot. I’m doing my part for the google bomb.