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Unbiased media? HA!

In my previous post I discussed ibiblio hosting the North Carolina indymedia site. Well, as I was proofreading the post, another point popped out at me that’s kind of related but not entirely.

ibiblio is supported by the UNC school of journalism and mass communication (among others). What does it say about UNC’s school of journalism when they will fund a site that attempts to “[use] media and journalism as a tool for promoting egalitarian change.” Journalism isn’t supposed to be used as a tool for promoting “egalitarian” (read: Communist) change. Journalism is supposed to be unbiased.

Is this what they’re teaching future journalists at UNC? This is part of the problem in our county. The news media is biased to the left, it’s not objective. It is not trustworthy!

How can we trust journalists when the journalism school in North Carolina is funding leftist propaganda under the guise of journalism?

Even better, what do we do about it?

Disappointed in ibiblio

I can’t believe that state money is funding this. Well, actually I can, the government loves to throw money down the hole.

And now on to the tale. This morning, I was browsing through ibiblio, the information depository hosted by UNC Chapel Hill. It has a plethora of Linux resources, including most major Linux distros, and it hosts Project Gutenberg, the depository of literary works that are not copyrighted. And this is all well and good, these materials should be archived for the masses, and a university seems to be the right place to do it. And for a while, the leftist hoards at UNC-CH managed to keep politics out of it, but today, I came upon a site hosted by ibiblio that I find an absolute waste of taxpayer money.

Yes, ibiblio is hosting the North Carolina indymedia site. A site of leftist propaganda that you have to see to believe. Now, I have heard tell of, and I even stopped by on occasion, finding it so horrifying that I didn’t stick around too long, but now I know that there is a local version, and I get to see what all the nuts are up to on a local level.

But it gets even better. Here’s the description from ibiblio: The North Carolina Independent Media Center (NC-IMC) is an non-corporate, anti-authoritarian network of activists that are committed to using media and journalism as a tool for promoting egalitarian change. Though based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the United States, the NC-IMC covers all related issues within North Carolina that are not being given adequate coverage by any other media. The North Carolina Independent Media Center will also work to network with existing independent media and publications that are committed to social and economic change throughout North Carolina. The North Carolina Indymedia Center advocates and promotes media democracy through free skill-share workshops and teach-ins, which are to be open for the benefit of all. Along with web publishing, they also produce print resources and videos to spread the message among those who may not have access to on-line resources.

The part I bolded is something I find particularly interesting. Let’s take a look at the definition of propaganda: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

The net result is that public money is being siphoned off to fund leftist propaganda. But then again, what would you expect from UNC-CH? I object to my tax dollars being used to support ideologies of which I am diametrically opposed. No matter how much private funding ibiblio may or may not have, the bottom line is that it’s still being run by UNC-CH and UNC-CH gets a pile of public money, and there is no way to separate out the origin of the money once it goes into the pile. If the public money was to be cut off, then it would all wither and die. If the private money was cut off, only parts would wither and die.

This will not stand.

I came across this by way of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler.

This is an outrage, and it will not stand. I’m not sure that the horror that is John Kerry is enough to scare me into voting for George W. Bush now that he has let something like this stand. The U.S. Congress had better get their butts in gear. We’ll see if having a Republican congress is worth anything now. I guess we’ll see if there’s anything worth fighting for left in the Republican Party.

If not, well, there’s the Constitution Party. And I mean to buy a gun, and I mean to shoot any blue helmeted goon that comes into North Carolina to try to impose UN rule on us.

A Petty Little Coward

ArklahomBoy has had his say on the recent brew ha ha at The Rebel Alliance.

When I gave my parting thoughts, I said that if those leaving would leave peacefully, I’d let them go.

Well, guess what? Clint Lacy is still taking shots at us. That means one thing, the gloves come off.

First, I find dragging the League of the South into this mess a remarkably petty thing to do. Mr. Lacy didn’t have the courage to even so much as make a comment about the way things were headed, he just went off half cocked. And now, he seems to have launched a smear campaign against ArklahomBoy. You call yourself a champion of Southern Heritage and whenever somebody disagrees with you, you take your ball and go home rather than try to prove that you’re right? That’s not standing up for your principles, that’s outright cowardice, and I condemn your actions.

Mr. Lacy has further gone putting words in the mouths of the members of the Rebel Alliance. I’ll have you know, that I oppose unlimited immigration, I oppose the morass of the bueurocracy in Washington DC and I oppose having U.S. troops sitting all over the world picking up the defense tab for countries that wouldn’t spit on us if we were on fire.

We are guilty of discussing the best way to get people to listen to us. We are guilty of caring about where the South is headed, and doing everything in our power to correct it. Once again let me point out that Mr. Lacy did not contribute to the discussion at all before he left the Rebel Alliance.

What we have here is an instance of a petty little man throwing a temper tantrum because he misread something.

May they roast in hell before the day is up.

Vice President Dick Cheney said the killers “have no shame, not a shred of decency, and no mercy. America will hunt down the killers, one by one, and destroy them.”

The terrorists have struck again. They have no shred of humanity, they are nothing but barbarous thugs. They should be hunted down and simply destroyed. When will people wake up to understand this is war? If they want to up the ante, we can up the ante. How about we send a division of the Army to Israel to demolish the dome of the Rock in retaliation? Granted it’s extreme, but not any more than what those inhuman scumbuckets did to that poor man. When we catch them they will die a more civilized death than they gave Paul Johnson

UPDATE: It has begun May God guide your bullets.

You know you’ve finally made it when you get your own fan art!

Yes, I have my own fan art now!

Take that Vox Day

Take thatFrank J (I’m ignoring your fan clubs and alliance of support of instapundit against you… oooh yeah…)

Take that Instapundit


Check it out:

And for the explanation:

Smart Marketing

The Rebel Alliance has undergone some template work. Which brings up the topic of today’s post, as Chad referenced it, “Smart Marketing”.

Recently, I received an e-mail from a lady that I speak with frequently via message board. She had come to my blog and followed the Rebel Alliance link and was somewhat disturbed by the talk of the South rising again and the destruction of the Union. Granted, she’s from a Yankee state.

There is something to be said for the “Smart Marketing” concept of not holding out the Battleflag for all to see. After all, we’re not in battle anyway. We need to look beyond those of us who simply wish to be left alone, to those who would be willing to align themselves with us to further our principles. At the same time, we should honor those who gave their lives for those principles. We should not hide our Southern symbols because we are scared of the thought police. The Battleflag should be at the ready to bring out when it comes time to fight. In the meanwhile, there are other symbols of the South that have not been the sad victim of a smear campaign, such as the first national flag, or the various state flags. As the Bible says, we should be gentle as lambs and wise as serpents.

The bottom line is that we must get people to listen to us in order to be effective. There is a bit of a culture shock, sometimes. We need allies.

There are many Celtic descendants in the South, let us not repeat the bloody history of Scotland of being subjugated repeatedly.

And as such, I propose for the graphics at The Rebel Alliance a logo consisting of the State Flags of the Confederate States. I further propose that the Third National Flag be prominently displayed somewhere on the site.

As for the question of dissolving the Union and having the South rise again, I would be content for the Union that the Founding Fathers envisioned to be restored to us. Barring that, I will defend my home and do what I believe to be in the best interests of it. Meaning, I would follow General Lee’s example.