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Well, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I made my post last night. What I didn’t expect was to get such a great blessing.

My deepest gratitude and appreciation go out to:


The LORD has truly blessed me with such good friends. It means the world to me that I would come back here the next day and find that I don’t even need to raise a hand to defend myself. I am blessed beyond words.

Thanks guys.

Update: A Thank You to Cath as well.

I disagree with you so you’re a bigot!! Hiss hiss!!

Recently, there has been a brew ha ha at ILJ and High Ground posted his thoughts in his journal

It seems that in the comments there, if you dare believe the Bible is true and that homosexuality is wrong, then you’re by default a bigot and a “homophobe”. Of course, by this definition (that if you don’t agree with me about sex your a homophobic bigot) I can in turn come up with some interesting thoughts of my own.

It seems that if disapproval of homosexuality makes you a homophobic bigot, dissaproval of Christian doctrine makes you a Christaphobic bigot.

In the end, isn’t it better to just say that you disagree with somebody rather than name call and slander? I think that Homosexuality is a sin, and I don’t in turn hate homosexuals. To have a disagreement in morality does not necessarily entail hatred.

But you know, being respectful of those you disagree with doesn’t let you slip in that zinger.

Real men don’t use bodywash

I agree with Nate (the link may not take you straight to the post, scroll down to see it).

Real men do not use bodywash. We do not smell like fresh kumquats. And a real man wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those spongy bodywash things.

I use Ivory soap. No additives, no moisturizing, and you should have seen the reaction that the dermotologist had over how abrasive it was. It’s man soap. It gets me clean and that’s it.

Two bit cowards…

I consider anybody that would run off and flame a person and not let them know about it to be a two bit petty coward. Needless to say, somebody has done that, however, the sites aren’t reputable enough to warrant a link. I’m not gonna name names, so it’s not quite the same thing.

Long story short, in relation to my post here I seem to have gotten some atheistic attention. Or at least anti-Christian attention.

I stand by what I said. A woman’s worth is not measured by her career, or her education. Man looks on the outward appearance, God looks on the heart. I guess when you shove away God, a heart is pretty worthless.

Anyway, judging from some of the virulent comments thrown my way, I think I’m pretty much vindicated. I mean, if people who disagree with me don’t have anything better to do than flame me behind my back, then what does that say about them? Do I really want to lower myself to that level? Doesn’t that give me the high ground?

It doesn’t matter. I know what I believe, and I don’t answer to anybody but God. Bottom line: you can flame me all you want, it doesn’t make you right, in fact, if you don’t have the guts to take it up with me, it just makes you look plain silly.


Weeeeeelll, it seems that people notice when I get lazy.

So, I figured now would be a good time to talk about something somewhat worrisome. China.

First, we have 7 aircraft carrier battle groups heading to China.

Second, we have China practicing an invasion of Taiwan.

To me, this doesn’t look good. It looks to me like somebody is expecting a conflict. I know that I have been expecting for a long while now. Let’s go down my list of reasons why China is scary.

1) They’re a corrupt communist regime
2) They pull North Korea’s strings remotely
3) They really don’t like the U.S. and have gone so far as to threaten us
4) They have attempted to influence U.S. elections
5) They have conducted acts of espionage against our nuclear programs
6) They have crippled and captured U.S. aircraft over international waters
7) They have repeatedly threatened U.S. Allies Taiwan and Japan

This isn’t the entirety of the bad things that China has done, but it’s enough.

Also, remember that we’re running a multibillion dollar trade deficit with China. If we have some kind of extended conflict with them, the cost of goods will absolutely go through the roof. And it’s not just goods from China that will be affected with some kind of conflict there; it’s all goods from Asia. Japan, South Korea, Thailand, The Philippines, who knows how far it will go?

Of course, God is still in control.