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The French Connection

The Spammers just won’t quit, but there’s a common thread in all the webpaged they link to, their registrar, In fact, has so many spammers using their name servers that they’ve put up a special page about it:

And I shall continue to post the e-mail addresses of those who own the websites spamming me. Hopefully, their own spam bots will pick up their e-mail addresses.

Today we have

person: Ivan Timbamac
nic-hdl: IT127-GANDI
address: 1569 Ploimt
address: 75898
address: sandanski
address: Bulgaria
phone: +359.56536597


person: Howard Parson
nic-hdl: HP310-GANDI
address: 4335 Brannan Street
address: 94107
address: San Francisco
address: California
address: United States of America
phone: +1.4158641271
fax: +1.4158641271

I want ideas. What can we do to rise up against these guys who are hiding behind the French? Everybody knows you can’t hit a Frenchman, it’s worse than hitting a woman!

I’m thinking bounties. We can pool our resources and put a bounty on the head of this guy. Crackers will probably eat him alive. Anybody with me? Lets give them something better to do than write viruses!

War On Spammers

In retaliation for the rush of spam that has come through here of late, I’m publishing all information I have on the perpetrators of this crime.

Bob, as he calls himself, has a server phsyically located in Great Britian.

In addition to blackjack, he also deals prescription drugs without a prescription, he also sells pornographic DVDs.

Here’s the e-mail address the site is registered to:

The server’s IP address is:

You can send this spammer a postcard at:

Net Results
P.O Box 442
Gaspe Quebec Canada

And you can call them at: 1.4182661535

Stoney, you up for a Road Trip?

John Kerry has reached a new low.

John Kerry has reached a new low.

This is absolutely disgusting. First, John Kerry kicks dust up about George W. Bush’s military service. Second, John Kerry admitted, HE ADMITTED to being a war criminal under oath before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Third, he made his military service the centerpiece of his campaign and the cornerstone of his convention.

John Kerry has the attack dogs of Michael Moore and For crying out loud, Kerry sat through Whoopi Goldbergs X rated diatribe.

And John Kerry is now howling because a group of Veterans who served in the same theater of the Vietnam war, some with him, are raising questions about his service? George W. Bush released his complete military records. John Kerry won’t even release his tax records.

And in an obvious political stunt, he sends triple amputee Max Cleland to deliver a letter to the President’s ranch. Obviously, these clowns aren’t going to get to see the President, thus meaning that they turn away the “triple amputee”. Max Cleland has sold his last shred of dignity in favor of a bankrupt candidate.

I can’t believe that even John Kerry has the unmitigated gall to claim that he’s being slighted by this after all the crap his side has pulled. All he would have to do is release his complete military records and answer the questions. But considering that he’s a confessed war criminal and a proven liar (SEARED! SEARED I SAY!) you’d think that even the communists of the Democratic party would balk at nominating him.

The left wing nuts have called Bush Hitler. Well, if Bush is Hitler, then John Kerry is Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Ho Chi Minh rolled into one.

More lunacy from UNC

UNC Chapel Hill is being sued by a Christian Fraternity for unrecognizing them after they refused to sign a non-discrimination policy. Basically, what UNC wanted to do was say that a Christian organization had to allow Non Christians to be higher ups in the fraternity. The Alpha Iota Omega fraternity refused on the grounds that their beliefs are what the fraternity is all about.

UNC is one of the most leftist organizations in the country, and they’re trampling the rights of Christians. This is yet another dark chapter in their recent history, after last semester a professor flamed a Christian saying that his beliefs on homosexuality constituted “hate speech”. Guess what? When that one got out, the good folks of North Carolina didn’t take it too well at all.

The irony here is that UNC is discriminating on the basis of religious beliefs.

Windows XP SP2

Ok, so Windows XP SP2 arrived on my computer today. Although I am naturally suspicious of Microsoft, I went ahead and installed it. It seems to be working fine. It let me turn off the Windows firewall in favor of my Norton Firewall, and it seems to be behaving itself in general. So far I haven’t encountered any of the dire warnings about it.

Microsoft seems to be trying a lot harder to bring a quality product to the market. If they’d only give up on product activation schemes and trusted computing. I’m hoping that Linux will be far enough along by the time that the next generation of Windows comes out that the masses will convert rather than live under the tyranny of what it looks like the next incarnation of Windows will be.

It’s a pity, Microsoft has such potential. They could do a lot better as far as freedom is concerned (a la activation and trusted computing)

Stupid Spammers

Just FYI, I just banned a few IP addresses from folks spamming the comments. If you find yourself banned by accident, let me know, my e-mail is in the sidebar.

Thunderbird takes care of my e-mail spam. HAHAHA!

Also, Spammers, be forewarned, under the laws of the State of North Carolina, you owe me $10 for every unsolicited message you send me. I’m expecting payment shortly.

Random Musings

Ok, so I’ve taken some flack for my poor posting habits of late. To which I can only say, I’ve been busy. I know you all depend on my great and incredible knowledge for direction in your lives, but hey, there’s still The Forum and my e-mail is still on the sidebar.

So, it’s Olympics time again. I thought I didn’t care, but then I heard that China was on the verge of getting more medals than the U.S. and my disdain for the bloodthirsty communists that run China overpowered my disdain for the sniveling, corrupt IOC and their stupid French judge (Can I get a second on that from the Canadians??)

It also seems to me that John Kerry is being raked over the coals by the Swift Boat Vets for Truth. Say what you will about him, but he has it coming, he’s a politician and he has been for almost all of his adult life. If only ALL of them had to be raked over the coals like that, and everybody took it seriously when they were.

Allright then, that’s all for right now, we’ll see if inspiration strikes later.