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Does Kerry have links to Halliburton?

I was just over reading one of Arklahomboy’s posts, and it got me to thinking, is it possible that John F. Kerry could have some serious ties to Halliburton?

Given how much moaning has gone on over it, I would like to find out if Senator Kerry (or his wife) has ties to Halliburton. Given that Halliburton is a big company, they’re probably pretty well diversified and it could very well be that there are certain common investments (never mind what goodies might be lurking in the Kerry’s investment portfolio)

Anything discovered would be as insubstantial as all the moaning about Cheney, but hey, that kind of nonsense is a double edged sword.

I wonder if this is why he won’t release his tax records…

Allright, Blogosphere, hop to it. Fetch me some answers, O knowers of things!

Update: Who needs you all, I have Google.

There’s some interesting things that just may pan out…

Like this which links to Kerry’s 1996 tax disclosures, which in turn show that he has an assortment of investments that the nuts over at DU would buuuuuuuuurrrrrn him at the stake for.

Update again: So, it’s not very much Halliburton stock, but skimming through there, I saw some Exxon Mobil, and some Enron. Anyway, back to the blogosphere, surely you guys know something that Kerry wants to keep hidden.

The Draft

Kerry thinks that the Draft could come back.

What does Kerry propose to do to avoid it? Does Kerry think that if he is President the French are magically going to cough up their armed forces to help us? And even then, does he think that the French are going to make any difference?

How does Kerry propose to deal with these world trouble spots, and even then, how can he guarantee that a draft won’t be necessary? Has he looked into his magic crystal ball and can tell us the future?

Kerry can’t rule out a draft, there’s too much in the world that could potentially go wrong.

I happen to think that a draft is coming, Kerry, Bush, it only matters who is in the big chair.

I can beat this guy…

I’ve caught a few episodes of the TV Show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and I have decided that I am more talented and more capable than these bozos. I’ve also seen a few episodes of TLC’s Trading Spaces which is pretty much the same thing.

First, I have way cooler and better tools than these guys, I’d also wager that if I had the budget these guys have I could do it just as well, if not better.

I have my degree in Wood Products from NC State University. I think I can hold my own with these fellas.

I’m also better looking than Ty Pennington.

For example: This, and This and This.


A Follow Up

Here’s a follow up on my post from last week.

No amendment shall be made to the Constitution which will authorize or give to Congress the power to abolish or interfere, within any State, with the domestic institutions thereof, including that of persons held to labor or service by the laws of said State.

That was very nearly the 13th amendment. Lincoln was pushing hard for it, and got the 2/3rds vote of the House and Senate that it required. Not quite the Lincoln you hear about all the time, is it? It would have been ratified had the Southern States been interested in promulgating slavery for eternity.

The Democrats should be wary (the Republicans too, for that matter, it wouldn’t be the first time the South told a party to take a hike when they abandoned them). Lincoln had a unique brand of Fascism/Socialism that tore the country apart once. The Democratic party at large is following the footsteps of these tyrants, and the stakes are mighty high.

Plugging Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a fine e-mail program, and in version 0.8, you can now subscribe to RSS (Really Simple Syndication) in the program and it will tell you when a new post is made. Given my somewhat erratic posting habits, if you’re interested in what I have to say, it might be worth looking into. The address for my RSS feed is:

Thunderbird is free, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Firefox also handles RSS in it’s bookmarks, so you can go directly to a new post or see if anybody has made a new post straight from your bookmarks. Firefox is also free and is in Version 1.0 Preview Release. It’s ready. Go get it.

So, it’s football season…

Allright, what on earth is this???. You hold the other team to one… ONE touchdown, and you still lose? I hate kickers. I hate them I hate them I hate them. Last year the Panthers lost the Superbowl because of a kicker, and this year, NCSU lost to Ohio State because of a kicker. Considering how many penalties NC State had, if OSU was any good, they would have scored every time instead of kicking field goals from 50 yards out. I think the Referees were going a little overboard to try to nullify a home field advantage too. Excessive celebrating in the end zone? Come on. I want to know when the last time the team that scored more touchdowns lost a game.

And the Panthers loss last Monday night? There were more Cheeseheads in the stands than Panthers fans. That is just wrong. We just came from a Superbowl appearance. It’s embarrassing for Green Bay to come in and pull a stunt like that. It sounded like they were playing at Lambeau field while I was watching it. At least they cleaned the Chiefs clocks.

Next week, we play Virginia Tech at Blacksburg. We had better win. There’s a lot riding on this. VT has a competing Wood Products Program. It’s a matter of personal pride here! It’s also a Conference Game. Let’s show those Hokies that the ACC has some football teeth after they humiliatingly crushed Duke. But then again, Duke getting humiliatingly defeated in football is normal.

My monthly rant on Free Trade with China

I figure it’s about time for another rant on free trade.

It’s not that I think free trade is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just that I think that free trading with despotic cesspools is not in our best interest, and in fact, is a threat to our national security. What I mean with this is China. China pays a slaves wage and they produce crappy mediocre goods. But we gobble them up like they were going out of style.

It’s already been established that China is not interested in peaceful coexistence. And we have several allies (Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, etc) that would not fare well if the Chinese Communist Government was powerful enough.

Just remember, every time you buy a cheap piece of made in China crap, that’s another bullet in the Chinese Red Army’s arsenal.

In a war with China, the best we could hope for is a pyrrhic victory. In a convention war, we would be almost hopelessly outnumbered (to the point that our superior firepower might not be enough), and in a nuclear war, they could hit us back. I’m not too wild about thinking about what they stole from the U.S. nuclear weapons program during Clinton’s watch. Of course, I do hope I’m wrong on this. I’m hardly a military mastermind, but there’s no way that a war with a country as large as China will turn out good for us. And it will be worse if we’re used to importing so many good from them.

And now, here’s my one China policy. Taiwan is the legitimate Chinese government. There is only one China, and the mainland government is an illegitimate government of rebellion.

I’m probably an enemy of the Communist Chinese Government now. Oh well.

Oh yeah, they ought to get their hands out of Tibet too!