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An Open Question: A Response

Vox Day asks about the “Bring it On” tactics of the War on Terror.

So, let’s evaluate what’s right with the War on Terror and what’s wrong with it.

What’s right with it:

1) The Bush Doctrine: You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists. It’s drawing a line in the sand and setting an objective standard for how we’re going to deal with nations in this age.

2) Aggressive military action against countries that harbor terrorism. It’s important that we go after those who would plot to kill us.

3) Aggressively pursuing terrorists through diplomatic and intelligence routes. Kerry says he can outdo Bush on this one, but I don’t believe him.

What’s wrong with the War on Terror:

1) Offense, Offense, Offense. Where’s the Defense? Our strategy is woefully lacking on homeland defense.
2) Our borders leak like sieves. I find it very hard to believe that the government has a good idea of who is in the country.
3) Nobody in the government seems to be taking homeland defense as seriously as they should be. The Democrats view it as just another government hand out, and the Republicans apparently view it as some kind of afterthought in the war on terror.
4) Why are Iran and Syria still taunting us from afar? They’re as culpable, if not more so, in the entire mess as The Taliban and the Hussein Regime of Iraq.

My basic problem with the thing is that we seem to be playing around instead of taking care of business. If we’re going to invade countries that hate our guts and harbor terrorists, then lets do it! Half measures will only result in disaster. We have two options, either we bend over and take it, or we come after the terrorists with all deliberate force. What we’re doing now, with only taking out Iraq and Afghanistan, puts us in a good position for taking out Syria and Iran, but we show no signs of doing it.

Invading Syria and Iran and taking out their terror inciting and harboring leadership would do more for “Winning the Peace” than anything we can do from inside Iraq. Without money and weapons coming from these rogue regimes, the terrorists would wither and die.

I seriously doubt that the military would have a manpower problem with this. All the President would have to do is issue a call to arms and Americans would willingly go to fight our enemies. I don’t believe a draft would be necessary.

We would, of course, need a real Declaration of War first, and we’re gonna have to spend money. We need to do it right or it will wind up making things worse. This trying to wage a war without disrupting our daily lives stuff doesn’t seem to be working.

A Blatant Attempt at Rigging the Election…

Well, Osama Bin Laden has crawled out of his rathole long enough to make a speech to us.

I found it rather interesting, what Osama had to say. There are probably at least 6 Democrat talking points in it. And it’s right before the election. Osama Bin Laden isn’t stupid, he knows how the system works.

He is right about one thing, though, our security is in our own hands.

Of course, simply leaving the MiddleEast is no longer an option. As Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and Conservatives of the Pat Buchanan stripe would seem to like. The only way disengaging from this mess would have worked would have been if it had been done 20 years ago, but we had bigger fish to fry then.

We have no other option but to stop those who would harm us now that the course has been set.

I just wish they’d hurry up and get it over with. We gain nothing by drawing the conflict out. A blazing fast crushing defeat of their strongholds would very quickly stamp out terrorism in the world.

It makes me think back to Biblical Prophecy and the centralness of Israel and Jerusalem in the Prophesies. Only God knows what is to come, and He is in control, that is all we must be concerned with (do not mistake concerned with with aware of).

An Open Letter to Frank J.

Dear Frank J.

I have had a revelation on how to improve your S.M.I.T.E. space laser. After many hours of calculations (or maybe just sitting online at the right time for my poor overworked neurons to fire at the right moment) I have come to the conclusion that if we were to encapsulate Michael Moore into the S.M.I.T.E. laser, not only would his mass provide a sufficient gravitational field to provide stability from the massive output that S.M.I.T.E. would need, but we could also build a device that would harness his idiocy and convert it into electricity to provide an unlimited power supply for the laser. Even better, imagine the wailing of the communists when they realize that they’re stinky smelling spokesman has been assimilated by the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy for our purposes. Just like on Star Trek, when the Borg assimilated Captain Picard, but they won’t have Mr. Data to save them! BWA HAHAHAHA

For my brilliance, I would like to be allowed to drive your Rocket Car and be named Vice Intelligence Czar in Charge of Looking Important.


The Flannel Avenger

If I Were President.

Stoney wants to know what I’d change if I were President


Day one.

I would order the Marines to drive the UN out of the United States and into Canada. Once all the spineless communists and dictators were gone, I would personally operate the wrecking ball, starting with their statue that had that bent gun in it. I would also build a wall across the Northern Border to keep the UN out. So much for the worlds largest undefended border.

Once I had finished salting and burning the earth where the UN headquarters used to be, I would then turn my ire to the IRS. The income tax would be no more! Instead, I’d simply enforce the 10th amendment, cutting off every single government expenditure not authorized, starting with the National Endowments for the Arts, then the Department of Education, and going on from there.

Then, I would take every American serviceman from countries that stabbed us in the back home immediately. And they would carry every American piece of property out of those countries, buildings, trees, bugs, whatever. Nothing would be left to show that we were ever there, up to and including flying a few of the old Soviet Union flags around, that, or Nazi flags, whichever we are able to buy the cheapest. Hopefully, the symbolism won’t be lost on the backstabbers.

Fourth in the Flannel Plan is ending our dependence on foreign lands, this means no more Saudi oil. We will go forward with new nuclear facilities, letting our scientists have free reign in the laboratories to design the safest and most reliable nuclear power plants on earth.

And while I’m at it, I’m putting the dollar back on the gold standard. No sense in letting rampant inflation and devaluation of our currency get the better of us. Limiting the money supply will also have a restraining effect on Congress…

Speaking of which… As President, I will push to enlarge the Congress so that it is a more representative body. We will build a brilliant new legislative building to house our new Congress, which will be one representative for every 30,000 people. I will also push for the return to the appointment of Senators to the legislatures.

And now, for that other rogue branch of the government, I will castrate the Supreme Court. Any justice that so much as looks at the Constitution funny will be impeached and hanged. Turning our lawmaking over to international bodies as certain justices have expressed a desire to do is nothing short of the most vile kind of treason.

As President, I will not tolerate the flaunting of our laws, and as such I will build a barricade across our Southern Border. There was a time that I thought such an action was excessive, however, the inaction, and in fact, encouragement of the violations of our laws by the Mexican government have let me to conclude that we have no other option.

I will pull the United States out of NAFTA, the World Trade Organization, and any other sovereignty stealing organization we are a part of.

I will throw Tyrannical and Communist regimes off our Internet. The Great Firewall of China is an insult to the dreams and aspirations of the internet. If they want the internet, they can have it on our terms, or leave it.

Speaking of the internet, I will also cut off any country that refuses to deal with spammers, not merely economic sanctions and pulling the plug, we’re talking strategic air strikes on the homes of the spammers.

And speaking of China, Permanent Normal Trade Relations? Gone. Free Trade. Gone. Diplomatic Recognition? Gone. Full economic sanctions? Before 5 pm on inauguration day.

Everybody in the State Department is fired and blacklisted from government work.

Umm, ok, so that’s a few more than ten, (take that Johnny Knuckles P.S. if you post more than me I have a few more good ideas…) but you get the picture.


Schilling is giving credit to God for his pitching tonight.

I think the Red Sox are gonna win.

I am impressed by the public profession of faith by somebody who plays in the heart of the secularist empire.

Hello Pot, this is the Kettle, you’re black!

Check this out

An interesting discussion on a documentary on John Kerry.

Now, here’s the interesting thing, this article is on the website of WTVD TV in Durham, which is owned by ABC, which is owned by the Walt Disney Company. But you know what, Disney also owns some other stuff… For example…The Walt Disney Company owns Miramax Films.

What’s really interesting about that, is that Miramax produced a film this year, perhaps you’ve heard of it… Fahrenheit 9/11???

Am I the only one seeing a conflict of interests here?