Monthly Archives: November 2004

Massive WMD attack inevitable?

I thought that this was pretty interesting. They’re claiming that a massive WMD attack is inevitable now.

Hmm, what to say? Does Al-Quaeda really want to go there? Surely they must realize that a WMD attack on the US by them would mean one thing, total war. The United States is pretty much just playing around with them right now. We’ve suffered relatively few deaths and injuries in the conquest of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

If they continue down this path, all it will net them is adding the subtitle “A territory of the United States of America – United States Armed Forces” to every Islamic country in the world.

Seriously, they haven’t tasted anything yet. The full strength and power of the United States has not been wielded in combat since World War II, and if they strike at home, they can forget any kind of Vietnam scenario where the politicians are scared to unleash the full brunt of our power upon them.

Although, I do suppose that the fact that they’re crazy does indeed have something to do with it…



I just found in my junk mail folder in Thunderbird one of those “Tired of Spam in your inbox” spam messages. What is this, some kind of protection racket? I give you money and you quit spamming me??

Really, what kind of fool would buy anti-spam software from a spammer. That has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

If you have trouble with e-mail spam, the solution is quick and easy. Either use Thunderbird or the Mozilla Mail client in the full Mozilla Suite. It’s the best anti-spam software I have come across. And it’s free. You have nothing to lose.

North Carolina Immigrant Population Doubled

Well, it’s official. The population of immigrants in North Carolina has doubled.

Illegal immigration is a big problem. Did y’all know that North Carolina’s car insurance rates are the highest in the region? I haven’t researched it, but I bet that illegal immegrants not having car insurance is a large factor. Our medical costs are out of sight, hmmm…

These all seem to be a string of problems that accompany massive illegal immigration. The same problems are in both Texas and California. The government needs to secure the borders. Immigration reform is a necessity. Aside from flaunting U.S. law, how many terrorists could slip through our borders? How much criminal activity just passes over the border unnoticed?

This is too much

The Constitution is a godless document?

The First Amendment merely prohibits the establishment of religion that is, no state church. In fact, it only prohibits a Federal state church, it doesn’t prohibit the States from having an official state religion (the never properly ratified 14th amendment notwithstanding, especially considering how poorly worded it is).

Atheists cannot be compelled to worship God, however, they also cannot throw the religion of the majority out of the government. To say that one cannot enact legislation based on ones deeply held beliefs is tantamount to disenfranchisement based on religion. To allow only secularism in schools and governments makes anybody who doesn’t buy into atheism a second class citizen.

These groups that advocate disallowing all religious views from government practice are nothing short of hypocrites, considering that they are doing exactly what they claim to be preventing, except that they are inflicting their views on the majority.