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Ice and Snow and Sleet, Oh My!

WRAL’s weather forcast

Sunday: Snow likely the first part of the day tapering off to flurries in the afternoon. Highs in the low-mid 30s. A quick changing weather situation is developing for the eastern part of North Carolina. Winter Storm Warnings and advisories are in effect today for the potential of heavy snow and ice. Most of us should see all snow out of this with totals ranging from 2-4″ with some amounts as much as 6″ or more as you get closer to the coast. There will be some areas that see the snow change over to freezing rain and sleet at some point. This area would generally be around Fayetteville and Lumberton. There is the potential for a devastating ice storm over parts of the Coastal Plain from Columbus county through Martin county. Travel will be hazardous and all in this area should stay off the roads today!

Sunday Night: Mainly clear and cold. Lows in the low 20s. With the snow and icepack across the area temperatures should be very cold at the start of the day.

I saw some of the biggest snowflakes today that I have ever seen in my life, but for the bandwidth challenged, the pictures will be in the expanded post. Watch out Stoneycam hee hee hee.

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Apologies to Frank J. for using his spelling in the title…

Anyway, the latest flurry of discussion over the Anti-Christmas movement has the target painted squarely on the Jews. I just don’t get it. Christianity is really just an offshoot of Judaism. Christians believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah.

But all this talk of being offended by Christmas is really getting our of hand. I’ve been wished a Merry Christmas precisely once in any business establishment this year. I’m so sick of hearing “Happy Holidays” or “Seasons Greetings” that it angers me to hear it. Christmas is what is being celebrated. Quit pretending it’s something else. All the pageantry and money isn’t being spent over Hannukah or Ramadan or the Pagan Shoe Festival, it’s about Christmas, and would it really kill you to just admit that????

If you don’t want to celebrate Christmas, then don’t. But also, don’t be offended if somebody wishes you a Merry Christmas. All you have to do is smile and nod and just be glad that there is such joy in this holiday for those who do believe.

And the sad part is, that some of it is specifically not to offend Jews. Between several articles I have read (see here, here, and here) , never mind a personal experience this past week, it seems that a lot of folks are doing it out of fear of Jews.

Now, Hannukah displays don’t bother me. It wouldn’t concern me if every Jew wanted to march down mainstreet with a Menorah for a Hannukah Parade. I want to have Christmas. If Hannukah, or Passover, or any of the other Jewish Holy Days don’t bother me, and I don’t care if they make a big deal over it, why is it that a few Jews have had such a fit over Christmas that folks are scared of them?

Jesus is Jewish. All the Apostles were Jewish. When you look at what Christians believe, it goes, “Written by a Jew, to the Jews, for the Jews” and then “Written by Jews, for Jews, and by the way, you other folks can come and be quasi Jews if you repent and get in on this deal” I can understand atheistic animosity torwards religious holidays. I expect for atheists to spend The Christmas Season rolling their eyes. But Jews? I don’t get it. Christians aren’t their enemy.

In case you didn’t already know…

έχω ζωη links to some interesting stuff about the ACLU

Of course, most of the folks that venture around here probably already knew that the ACLU was nothing more than a communist front organization, atlhough it’s always nice to see the dots connected once more. It needs to stay at the forefront of the discussion, that while the United States was embroiled in a cold war with the Evil Empire, the ACLU was actively undermining that effort.

One more thing to go with the Counter Insurgency

California Secession

imatt muses on the proposed secession of California

I see no compelling reason to force California to remain part of the Union. It’s apparent that there are a number of left wing nutjobs who loathe and detest everything I care about, and California is their headquarters. I’m not interested in forcing my beliefs on them, so long as they quit trying to force their beliefs on me. If they want to go, I say lets toss ’em out.