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Testing a trackback fix

Does it work?

[UPDATE] I think it did. I believe that trackbacks are fixed. Although, I personally feel that having trackbacks work would be important enough to release a patch for. In case anybody else has the same problem, I put the functions.php file from the WordPress SVN Repository in and it worked again. Easy enough to figure out. It navigates the same as Mozilla based FTP.

Thank you to the trackback tester

Blogospheric Bible Study #1: The Sin Nature of Man and Its Implications

Ok, here’s the first installment of the Blogospheric Bible Study. The rules are simple. All interested parties can talk about the topic at hand, and then we’ll linkback and trackback to the participants. Everybody can set the rules for discussion in the comments on their own blog, however, I would very much prefer if this wasn’t the impetus for debating between Christians (a house divided against itself cannot stand and all that 😉 ). In other words, no winners, no losers, just a discussion.

So, here it goes.

The Sin Nature of Man and Its Implications

Well, I guess I’m asking for it as starting a topic that relates to the concept of Total Depravity is going to get Calvinists and Armenians riled up right off the bat. But it’s not a debate, so everything should be fine.

Now, the starting point has to be Creation. God created man Perfect and Sinless. But the base state was neither Good nor Evil, neither righteous nor unrighteous. To be righteous is a choice as is to be unrighteous, so, in order for man to truly be righteous, or to truly show that he loved God, he had to have the possibility of disobedience. It is important to note that God seems to want actual people and not automatons. Creating a perfect world without the possibility that people could rebel against Him doesn’t create the possibility to love, it merely creates a world of mindless slaves. Hence, the potential needed to be there in order for life to be “fair”.

And so, Eve eats the fruit, and then Adam eats of the fruit. We know that Eve was deceived and not Adam

I Timothy 2:14
And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being quite deceived, fell into transgression.

And so, when faced with the choice, Adam made the wrong one, and brought the entire human race into sin.

The implications of this are far reaching and somewhat intricate. The first is obviously that man’s relationship with God was fundamentally altered. He was cut off, God couldn’t stand to be around him anymore. Second, Mankind obtained the Knowledge of Good and Evil (through knowing evil rather than knowing good). And thirdly, death entered the world.

The corruption that entered the human race in that moment corrupted us body, soul, and spirit. Thus enters the concept of Total Depravity, wherein due to the corruption of sin, man has a tendency to sin all other things being equal. This seems to bear out when I look out at the world. It doesn’t mean that all people are psychotic madmen, it just means that people tend to not do the right thing. Just get out in rush hour traffic to test this theory 😉

A thing that I find interesting is the possible implications of the Virgin Birth relating to the transmission of sin in humanity. It is apparent from I Timothy 2:14 that it was Adam’s fault that man fell. The Bible is rather clear that Man is the head of the household, and as such, the responsibility for the sin of humanity fell to Adam. If our sin nature is passed down from our fathers, it would fit with the Virgin Birth of Christ, thus dodging the sin nature of man

The Lottery

Today, Ogre has a good post up about the Lottery

The lottery in North Carolina is a bad idea for all the reasons Ogre gave (come on, who really believes that the money will go for education??) but also because the state has no business running a gambling operation. That’s the state taking over an industry that they’ve otherwised outlawed. I am thinking that Fascism is the ideology that best describes a government run lottery, in that it’s a government owned and operated business. It just doesn’t really seem socialist, as a good socialist would just raise taxes. And in a communist country, it would be totally irrelevant because the government owns everything.

I would love to see Easley drop this idiotic lottery scam after losing for 4 years in a row on it. Of course, if you blather about something long enough, they’ll eventually shove it through, ala Amendment One and the Wake County education bonds. Both were fiercely opposed in the past, and both were eventually passed because of the tenacity of the proponents.

This is the same boondoggle. When they come with their hands out for bonds, it’s always, “For the Children” and “We won’t have to raise taxes” and now, with the lottery, it’s “For the Children” and “We won’t have to raise taxes”. Anybody with half a brain knows that the politicians will squander any lottery money away, leaving the state deeper in debt than it is now, and doing absolutely nothing to improve the quality of North Carolina’s public school system.

You know what would really be best “For the Children”?? A government that can behave itself in a fiscally responsible matter. A government that can manage its resources rather than squandering them all away and then looking for a quick fix to bail their sorry hides out. A government that when it had a surplus in the 90’s wouldn’t have thrown it all away, only to see Hurricane Floyd then come through and leave the state with mountains of devastation and the accompanying debt.

It’s time for the North Carolina government to get its act together. If a private citizen behaved like this he’d be thrown in jail for years.

The sheer fact that there are a different set of accounting standards for businesses and governments tells you all you need to know. It’s time for real reform. It’s time for the government to start accounting for the money. It’s time to demand results, not just slick acronyms and warm fuzzies.

No one here but me…

There’s a whole lot of stubborn in this room
There’s a whole lot of pride that won’t let go
There’s a whole lot of stubborn in this room
That shows no sign of giving up control
I’ve drawn all the curtains, I’ve turned out all the lights
Scared to death somebody else might see
There’s a whole lot of stubborn in this room
And there’s no one here but me

There’s a whole lot demons in this room
They want it all and they don’t want to share
There’s a whole lot of demons in this room
And none of them believe in fightin’ fair
Some sit on my left, some sit on my right
They talk so loud it’s hard to disagree
I’m surrounded by the demons in this room
And there’s no one here but me

And I can’t quite remember how to pray anymore
And I can’t quite remember what to say anymore
If it turns out that I can’t have my way anymore
How will I know which way to turn when I walk out the door

There’s a molecule of faith in this room
What they used to call a mustard seed
There’s a molecule of faith in this room
And a book that says that’s all I’ll ever need
I don’t know where it is but I hope I find it soon
‘cause nothing else will ever set me free
There’s a molecule of faith in this room
And even though it’s much too small to see
If I have the courage to believe
I’ll find the one who left it here for me

A Very Bad Idea

Well, it seems that the EU want to sell weapons to China. Is it not bad enough that we have opened our borders to cheap Chinese imports while making our own manufacturers obey environmental, safety, and occupational standards that companies moving to China dodge? But now people actually feel that selling weapons to one of the most bloodthirsty regimes on the planet is a good idea?

Fortunately, there is still some sanity in the world. I hope that at the least no more U.S. military technology will leak into the last great stronghold of the Evil Empire.