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The Impossible

Ogre once more comments:

I’m all in agreement for an audit — I’m just saying there’s NO way with the current crop in Raleigh that it will ever happen. NO way. If you ask him, he will retaliate against you — that’s what he does to conservatives. He has even moved conservative legislators to smaller offices and taken their budgets for legislative staff away if they’ve annoyed him too much.

I don’t know what the solution is. I know that until you can find an awful lot of people who care, nothing will change. Currently, the vast majority of people in North Carolina simply do NOT care.

People must be made to care. If enough people start kicking up dust there will be results. After all, we were just a few heroes shy of being glad that Good King George put down those nasty rebels.

What have we got to lose? If history is any indication, I won’t be able to inspire anybody to do a thing. But, if by some grand twist of fate, we actually get a few people riled up, something might start to happen.

We might be damned to go into the darkness of history’s long night, but I for one do not wish to go silently. Why go after anybody other than the biggest meanest kid on the block when you want to change the way things are run?

Lets give it a shot, we can hang together or hang separately.

I absolutely mean it!

Ogre opines in the comments:

You’re kidding, right?

You want to audit Jim Black? The same Jim Black (speaker of the house) who is DEFENDING his ability to spend $20 million of taxpayer money in his own personal slush fund to directly financially award his personal backers, both in and out of the legislature?

I’m absolutely serious. These guys are out of control. And not just Jim Black. I want Mike Easely, Roy Cooper, and every other politician in the State down to the UNC system board of trustees to the local dog catcher to be audited and have to justify the money we’re spending on them. Especially the schools. We keep hearing about how they’re underfunded even though we keep shoveling money into them. I want to see what they’re spending it on.

By the time the Salvage the Republican Party plan works, we’ll be living in a third world dictatorship with blue helmeted “peacekeepers” on every corner, with all of Raleigh in flames and our overlord ruling with an iron fist from Chapel Hill.

I might write more about this later… I’m in a bit of a rush right now.

North Carolina Bloggers Unite!

You know, the State of North Carolina is in budget turmoil. Tax hikes, bonds, and lotteries have all been floated. I have a proposal. Let’s audit the government.

That’s right. Before we fork over any more money, let’s ask for them to show us the goods. “We need more money for education” they say. Well, prove it. Show us the money.

Explain to us why, despite every survey showing that nobody will ride it, a light rail system is being proposed for RTP?

Explain to us why we can’t finish I-540 around Wake County in any semblance of a reasonable timetable. Haven’t they been working on I-40 at the county line for about 10 years now?

I want some accountability in government. The State of North Carolina has been grossly mismanaged and it’s time for heads to roll. The only question is, who can we trust to audit the government that won’t let partisan bickering get in the way?

Then… it came to me. There are two groups in North Carolina that have such a great disdain for both the Republicrats and the Demoblicans that a coalition of the two would be perfect for the job. I give you The Libertarian Party of North Carolina and The Constitution Party of North Carolina.

I propose that we set up a committe of Libertarians and Constitutionalists to audit the State Government, down to the last penny. The Schools, the Universities, the National Guard, the Governor’s Lawn care service. Down to who scrapes the gum off the sidewalks in front of the Capital.

But first, we have to get the government to accede to the demand…

NO! To the NC Lottery!

It seems that House Speaker Jim Black wants to bring a lottery proposal to a vote by April 11. A lottery is an atrocious idea for North Carolina.

It seems very painfully obvious to me that what little money the government gets to keep will be used for more pork barrel politicking (The money will “go” for education, but that doesn’t mean that the education money is going to stay where it is). It also seems to me that in a State where the Governor has proposed a budget of almost $17 billion that they really expect for an extra $500 million (I think that’s the number being floated, seems right anyway, not 100% sure on that) is going to make all the difference in the world of education.

The most amusing argument I hear for the Lottery is “North Carolinians are spending X number of dollars in the (VA, SC, TN, GA) lottery” Which goes to show what? That stupid people will travel a long way to waste their money? That these people would prefer a North Carolina lottery? Just think, North Carolina has the highest gas taxes in the region. Think of all the money the government would forego by not making these folks drive out of state.

I’m sure that the lottery money wouldn’t just wind up in some government slush fund. Likewise, I’m sure that all the schools systems need more money. After all, the quality of education a student receives is directly proportional to how green the grass on the football field is. Why, without the lottery, some poor child might have to go to a school where there are *gasp* dandelions on the pitchers mound!

But, the best part about a lottery would be how the parasitic mass that is the government would be allowed to grow. The government is like kudzu. You can’t get rid of it, but you let it loose and pretty soon, there won’t be anything else for miles around. It’s time to start spraying some herbicide instead of fertilizer on the ambitions of these two bit tyrants.

Ah, the tolerance of the baby murderers

It’s really a matter of whose conscience matters, and I would say the conscience of the women is the conscience that prevails.

-Planned Parenthood President Karen Pearl

Isn’t that the Nuremburg defense repackaged?

Yeah, I knew she was going to use it to kill her unborn child, but I was only doing what the tyrants told me to!

It seems to me that it would be a wrong to force a man to abandon his convictions just because you disagree with them. But then again, these are the same people who conjured up an imaginary “Right to Choose”.

We all have a “Right to Choose”. It’s not given by a government, it was given by God. He valued our Free Will to the point that He let us rebel against Him, knowing what He would have to go through to redeem us. But likewise, our “Right to Choose” doesn’t mean that we will choose the right thing, or that we will be free from the consequences thereof.

For example, I have the “Right to Choose” to go on a killing spree. I don’t expect that anybody would argue that my actions were legitimized because I have free will. Likewise, a woman can stick a rusty coat hanger up inside her and root all around and kill her baby. That doesn’t make it right or moral. It doesn’t make it anything but the murder of a defenseless unborn child.

Of course, as Vox Day pointed out in his column yesterday, if you’re in one of the inconvenient age or ethnic groups, you’d better watch yourself.

Oh look, we’re back at the Nuremburg Defense…

Taking Suggestions

I am now taking suggestions for future Bible Study topics (or for rants at large if there’s something in particular you’d like to hear my thoughts on)

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Blogospheric Bible Study #5: The Death and Ressurection of Christ: Thoughts

Happy Resurrection Day to you all. I’m feeling a bit under the weather this week, so this Study won’t be as encompassing as I would have liked to write, but I said I’d make a post, and I intend to keep my word.

On this day, we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. He, being God Himself, humbled Himself, and came and became one of us. He lived life with us, He faced our challenges, He faced our trials, and He defeated them all.

Then, rather than take ownership of the world and inflict His righteous justice upon it – which would have involved damning every last one of us to hell – He let Himself be put to the most horrifying death the world has ever seen so that we could be reconciled with Him.

His sense of Justice was offended by our sins. His Love demanded He act to save us. His mercy required He offer us a way out. His desire to save us demanded we be given a second chance to make the right choice.

What truly astounds me is that He knew throughout all of time that we would rebel against Him, yet, He created us anyway. He knew the pain and suffering that we would cause, not only to Him, but to each other, and He created us anyway. I guess He decided that by right, we should exist.

Make no mistake, God is in total control of the world. What we’re living in now is the last chance to choose Him. God could have righted all the wrongs at any point in history. However, that would have necessitated the destruction of all humanity since we’re all sinners against a just and Holy God. The argument of evil fails when you consider that it is allowed to propagate because God has a redemptive plan and intervening now would cause the destruction of those who He means to save (see the parable of The Wheat and the Tares).

Only one man in the history of mankind has risen from the dead by His own power. Only the Christ, being God incarnate, could save us from ourselves. He never gave up on us. He gave us a choice in Eden, and He gives us a choice now. He’s not an evil god who makes slaves of men, He is a loving God, who chooses to let us choose whether or not we serve Him. He went so far as to die on that cross to provide us a chance to say, “Forgive me, I was wrong, please take me back”.

There is no greater love than the love that Christ has shown to us.

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Bible Study Saturday.

This weeks topic: Reflections on Christ’s death and Ressurection.





Shout aloud to the men who will play the game to win
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State—
Hold that line, hold ’em fast,
We’ll reach victory at last
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State—
Rise up to the fray and let your colors wave,
Shout out for dear old N.C. State;–GO STATE!
And where-e’er we go,
we’ll let the whole world know,
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State.