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Stupidest Moment Meme

Well, Miss Patriot tagged me with the Stupidest Moment Meme

So, in the spirit of Ogre I’m gonna answer it but not spread it.

Anyway, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done…

You know, that’s a really tough one considering that I don’t do very many stupid things…

hmm… think think think think think…

Well, when I was 6, I took the brake off the riding lawnmower while it was on the top of the hill and let it roll down torwards our sunroom (I didn’t expect for it to roll, it looked level enough to me). But anyway, that’s a room made of glass if you didn’t know. Fortunately, it hit the edge of the room where there was a brick support and nothing bad happened.

yeah, I’m dull… really dull…

Most of my regrets from my younger days are more based on letting people get away with too much. I was much too passive, I should’ve kicked butt and taken names…

Some Random Thoughts of my Own

El Cid has some random thoughts on blogging up.

It’s worth a look.

It occurred to me that I haven’t plugged the Rebel Alliance lately

The Rebel Alliance

If you don’t know, the Rebel Alliance is a Confederation of Bloggers who believe that the South was Right.

We’re not all of a uniform opinion on everything, but in general, if you’re willing to be civil you can get along with any one of us allright.

Go on, check out the links… you know you want to….

Blogospheric Bible Study #8: What is Heaven Like?

Well, in last weeks Bible study, we talked about Hell.

Juliet suggested we discuss Heaven this week and I liked the idea, so here we go.

I think that when we talk about “Heaven” we’re using it as a rather blanket term. Let’s come up with a few questions that we need to answer before we can really know what Heaven is.

1) Is Heaven a physical place?
2) If it is a physical place, where is it?
3) Who gets to Heaven?
4) What’s it like?

Is Heaven a physical place?

Short answer: Yes. a quick search of BlueLetterBible reveals multiple references to being in Heaven.

But there’s also the Kingdom of Heaven, which isn’t the same physical Heaven. As God is the King of Heaven, the Kingdom of Heaven is all the universe that follows Him. After the Tribulation, the physical Heavenly City will descend to Earth.

You have to consider what you believe to be Heaven. Is it being in the Presence of God? That’s what most people consider Heaven to be, even if they don’t realize it. You die, you go to Heaven (if you accept Christ’s gift). Heaven will come to earth at the end of the Tribulation, with Christ leading the Heavenly army. Jesus will rule the Millenial Kingdom personally. And after that, the world will be destroyed by fire and a new one commissioned.

If It’s a Physical Place, where is it?

I cannot say. I know that in the future, God will bring it to earth, but as to where Heaven physically is right now, I have no means of knowing.

Who Gets to Heaven?

All who repent of their sins and accept Christs free gift of Salvation will get to Heaven. I suspect that those who don’t accept the gift don’t really want to go to Heaven anyway. Heaven is being in the presence of God, and who would want to spend eternity with a God they rejected?

What is Heaven Like

Having never been there, I can’t say. There are some descriptions in the Bible. Streets of Gold, being in the Presence of God, no darkness, Comforting from God. The most important aspect of Heaven is the restored communion with God that will come by being in His presence.

I hope that’s a good starting point. If I made any mistakes, I’m sure somebody will point them out. What do y’all think?

Certified Lumber…

I stumbled across this article this evening

I don’t know that I’m interested in paying more for “certified” lumber. I actually would prefer to make my stuff out of lumber harvested in North Carolina. I’m not really interested in using South American or African wood.

But anyway, there are a few perks to growing lumber on a plantation rather than harvesting it out of the forest. Such as you can do quality control on the trees in your possession. In nature, wind, rain, birds, bees, and bugs can all have a detrimental affect on the wood. On a plantation, you at least have some measure of control of that.

The funny part is the part about the New York non-profit trying to save the rainforest. What the folks in those countries do with their forests is their business. If, however, they want to discourage the destruction of the rain forests, then maybe they should get the environmentalists off the backs of honest foresters in America who aren’t out killing spotted owls and raping the earth, but trying to responsibly manage our resources? They’re driving up the costs of domestically produced lumber (and in some cases, simply getting the government to ban harvesting of it)

hmm.. this has gotten a little political…

Anyway, the folks who manage forests and cut down the trees are professionals. They’re not so short sighted as to put themselves out of business in 20 years.