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A new thought…

You know, Nate wrote about Point Lookout the other day

And I was talking to Igina today, and it occurred to me…

Has anybody ever actually tried to justify Lincoln’s behavior in the Civil War? The Total War on people he claimed were U.S. citizens? The rape, pillaging, and plundering of the South? (North Carolina’s copy of the Bill of Rights was even stolen, and they sued us when we tried to take it back last year)

So, how do you justify that?

The Function of a Judge…

It is a Judge’s job to make a ruling based on the law as it is written.

A government that ignores the as it is written and instead rules on what they think the law should say is the definition of Tyranny.

It is either there, or it is not. There are no “implied rights”. There are rights, and there are priviledges. The simple fact of the matter is that if abortion was a right, they would have argued that it was one of the rights not enumerated in the bill of rights per the 9th Amendment. They instead base their case on an “implied right” in the poorly worded 14th amendment, which was ratified at gun point, and as such, is null and void.

Of course, saying that abortion falls under the 9th amendment is preposterous.

A judge is to rule on the law as it is written. Period. We are either a nation of laws, or we are not. If we are not, I see no reason not to rise up in rebellion against the government.

If the government rises from the consent of the governed

And the government oversteps the bounds of the consent (ignoring the founding documents, ie, the Constitution and bill of rights)

Then it is the right and the responsibility of the governed to withdraw their consent and form a new government that will obey the law and govern justly.

I am so sick of hearing about how the Supreme Court is the supreme arbiter of every dispute in the country. The Supreme Court was an afterthought in the Constitution, and is the weakest of all three branches of the Government.

After the Kelo Vs. New London decision, I think it’s time to seriously look at aboloshing the ENTIRE judiciary and starting over from scratch. It’s simply too corrupt to salvage.

Of course, so is the Congress.

And lets not forget the Executive Branch with all it’s unconstitutional departments…

There’s only one thing left to do. Constitutional Convention 2005. My house.

Trust the Government?

Alyfireman has a post up that’s worth reading.

It is indeed our responsibility to question the government. You cannot trust the government to tell the truth, or to take care of you.

I find it very annoying how a few frothing loons are managing to make anybody who doesn’t think that the government is being entirely honest with us look like equally frothing loons.

For example…

Person A questions the wisdom of the Iraq War. Not following the letter of the law and declaring war, etc etc etc.

Person B stages a protest where middle aged women run around topless while people chant “Bush Lied, People Died” even though there isn’t good evidence that he misled the public, and in fact overthrew a dictator who is universally agreed to be bloodthirsty.

Who here manages to marginalize any serious discussion of the rightness or wrongness of what was done?

These frothing loons are making the right of free speech pointless, because their ridiculous antics have devalued it to the point of uselessness.

The whole discourse in this country has gone insane, and it’s mostly the fault of the BushHaters.

It’s to the point where you can’t disagree with President Bush’s policies without them coming out of the woodwork shouting “SEE! SEE! IT’S THE BUSHITLER”

The truth is that

1) President Bush is no more evil than the rest of us

2) The Constitution is the law of the land as it is written. A Judge should make ruling based on what the law says. If they want to change the meaning of the law, they should hang up their robes and run for Congress.

3) The war in Iraq was justified based on the available information at the time

4) We should have declared war on Iraq formally as the law requires us to do.

5) Social Security violates the 10th Amendment to the Constitution and as such should be totally abolished.

6) For all their whining, the Democrats have fewer answers than the Republicans

7) Free trade with corrupt dictatorships and evil communist regimes is destroying our Country.

Of course, you can’t have any discourse on this stuff, because the opposition party is full of rabid monkeys, and the non-rabid monkey party will say, “What?? Don’t you see the Rabid Monkeys trying to kill us all???”

The Biblical Reader

An announcement that I got via e-mail today…

Dear Friends,

As you know, I’ve had Bible study materials on the Internet for many years now. However, this spring we set up a new Internet domain called “The Biblical Reader.” The Biblical Reader is actually a home-place for several communications projects that I’ve been developing. The first, and biggest project is e-book publication. In the past two years I have written several books and have published materials for other authors. All of this material is available free at The second area is “The Biblical and Theological Reader” ( The Biblical and Theological Reader started out as a place where I could publish shorter (non-book length) pieces. To date I have written about a dozen articles and have plans for more in the future. (Articles are published on a quarterly basis). The third project is called “The Bible Prophecy Resource Center” ( This is an educational resource for students of Bible prophecy. Currently I have posted about forty papers and tutorials I prepared on different aspects of Bible prophecy. Also I have several additional projects that are in various stages of planning or development.

Go check it out…

A few musings

Well, I was looking in the newspaper the other day (yes, an actualy piece of paper, very quaint, I know). Anyway, I read about that series of concerts that they’re having all over the world to benefit all the Africans who are in trouble.

I don’t think it will ever work. The problems in Africa are made by the two bit dictators that run the place. There’s an entrenched system of corrupt government that’s keeping them down, and until the Africans want change, nothing will change. Everybody else in the world could want things to be better for the Africans, but unless the Africans want it bad enough to make it happen it won’t.

Of course, there’s the other obvious way, invasion. Why, we could just simply invade Africa, overthrow all the dictators, and use the U.S. military might to airlift food to them. We could establish new governments in the image of our own, and schools, and all sorts of other nifty things… But of course, that’s Imperialism.

In the end, it’s not our responsibility to make the Africans do anything. Giving aid money that will just go straight to the dictators is not the answer. The best course of action to take is to not meddle in their internal affairs, and to stand ready offering a hand of friendship for when they choose to take it. Men must have the freedom to choose the course of their own Destiny. God gave us that freedom, even knowing the price He would pay, we should follow His example.