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A Comment Worth Replying To

Well, I guess I owe an apology here, because I’ve let the comments sit for a few days rather than deal with them.

Anyway, I had a good comment on my post “The Function of a Judge”

Regarding my statement that there are no implied rights in the Constitution, Luke said:

No such thing as implied rights? So where in the Constitution are your “rights” to get married, or have kids, or buy FLANNEL shirts? If the Constitution contains a complete and exhaustive list of all our rights, then what were the Ninth and Tenth Amendments written for? We have PLENTY of rights not mentioned in the Constititution, because it wasn’t meant to tell us what we may do, but to lay out what the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT may and may not do.

I would say that the 9th and 10th Amendments are very specific rights guaranteeing that the Federal Government doesn’t have the authority to overstep its power and infringe upon the unstated rights. There is no implied right to privacy in the 14th Amendment because the 9th and 10th Amendments simply prohibit the Federal Government from sticking their nose into anything not specifically given to them to do so. The whole concept of an “Implied Right” undermines the chains on the Federal Government because then they can say that their permission to meddle is implied, when in fact, it is really expressly forbidden.

Such as it is, I kinda think this is really an issue of semantics rather than actual disagreement.


I’ve just been looking at the blasphemy of the new Dukes of Hazzard movie. From now on, this movie shall be referred only to as “The Abomination”.

First of all, who’s idea was it to cast these idiots? The cast is awful. AWFUL! Would it have killed them to cast some actors who could actually play the roles?

But then again, if the official website is to be believed (which I refuse to dignify with a link), the script is equally awful. Bo and Luke Duke are “up to no good”? What is this? Bo and Luke were always the Good Guys fighting a corrupt system. If the official site of The Abomination is to be believed, they’re nothing but womanizing idiots.

I also saw the Jessica Simpson video for the first time tonight. She is not worthy to ride in the General Lee. Could she behave in a more skanky way?

I shall not go see this movie. I second Ben Jones comments based on what I saw at the website of The Abomination.