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No Way.

Turn the internet over to a corrupt and inept global beaurocracy?


Note that the proposal to UN-ize the Internet is supported by those who would love to censor speech on the internet. The day the UN gets their cruddy little hands on the internet is the day the internet dies.

But then again, the U.S. invented the Internet. I don’t see any reason why the US can’t just migrate to Internet II and let the UN have the Nigerian e-mail scammers and the spammers.

You know what, they deserve each other. How do I get a connection to Internet II?

What to say, what to say…

Haven’t gotten any comments on the last few posts, I was hoping for some.

I guess my inability to come up with anything to write about for a month is biting me in the butt now.

Oh well, I’ll let some of my thoughts percolate for a while…

What are the Right Questions

Regarding my post from a few days ago, I wanted to solicit a few responses. What are the right questions? What should be asking?

I recently read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, that’s probably where this is coming from, burbling around in the back of my head as I think.

So, what is the right question?

(anybody who says 7×6 is going to be severly beaten :p)

Why even bother…

Dean Blasts Hurricane Katrina Response
Rescuers Warned To Stay Out Of Floodwaters

UPDATED: 10:31 pm EDT September 7, 2005

NEW ORLEANS — Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean told one of the nation’s largest black church groups that race was a factor in who lived and died during Hurricane Katrina.

Dean told the annual meeting of the National Baptist Convention of America in Miami that the nation must “come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a deadly role in who survived and who did not.”

He also said the funds that now support the Iraq war could be used to rebuild New Orleans or to aid the poor and elderly.

I’m just not in the mood for this right now.

Using a disaster of this magnitude to race bait and to engage in petty partisan bickering and blaming the other guy is just plain despicable.

There is no shortage of federal money. Don’t kid yourself, the money spent on the Iraq War is not hampering Congress’s ability to spend. $2000 debit cards aren’t enough?

Here are a few things I want people to think about.

1) Since when is the Federal Government responsible for micromanaging every aspect of peoples lives? If the Feds are responsible for what’s going on in Louisiana, then why is there even a government of Louisiana? And how come nobody is paying attention to the other states hit by the hurricane?

2) It’s sad that lots of minorities aren’t as well off as the average white American, but is it the government’s responsibility to A) Provide a level playing field for all Americans, or B) Tilt the playing field so that all Americans perform the same?

It is my belief that if you provide a level playing field then the minorities will grow and flourish if they have the chance.

3) Do you want a President or an Emperor? A President runs the country under a set of laws with strictly defined powers. An Emperor is responsible for making sure Levees in New Orleans don’t break and that everybody evacuates since everybody answers to him, in addition to running the country. It’s about power, and the chain of command. Governors are autonomous within their states. They do not answer to the President. At least not in our Constitutional Republic. Maybe Pat Buchanan is right and we’re trying to move from Republic to Empire…

A Bit of very bad prose

It was once said that America was the land of the free, and the home of the brave.
Then, a series of disasters came.

Once, brave men and women were worried about tyranny rising over the free and independent states.
Slowly, men and women forgot what it meant to be free.

Lincoln and his consolidation of federal power.
Roosevelt and his new deal.
The EPA, OSHA, FEMA, all federal powergrabs.

Soon, small business couldn’t compete with megacorporations.
Never fear, the Federal Leviathan will save the day.
We’ll ratify NAFTA and CAFTA and the WTO will make sure you all have jobs.

When natural disaster struck, the people didn’t take care of it themselves.
They decided that a President was passe.
If only we had a strong powerful leader, why, this disaster wouldn’t have overtaken us.

A King, we shall proclaim, at last!
But a King we fought many years to be rid of.
Ah, but by whatever name you call a rose, would it still but smell as sweet?

Hail Caesar.
All provinces shall answer to him.
All our power, all our hopes, all our dreams, shall rest in one man.

For good or for ill, our fates are not our own anymore.
Release the bread and circuses.
For freedom has died on this day.

Blogospheric Bible Study #11: Faith and Reason

Making up for lost time, I’m going waaaaaaaaaaay back to May and I’m going to post on something from El Cid. He made a suggestion regarding the Blogospheric Bible Study and despite the hectic nature of the past few months, I haven’t forgotten.

The topic that El Cid suggested was Faith and Reason.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Logic is a useful tool, just like a computer is a tool. If you feed nonsense into Logic, you get nonsense back out.

At issue, I think, is are we asking the right questions. You have to start at the beginning.

Are your assumptions valid?

Do your assumptions come from a worldview that is diametrically opposed to Christianity?

Can the evidence be interpreted in a way that is compatible with Christianity?

I’m sure that there ought to be some interesting comments on this.

Do not forget to remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina in your prayers.