Monthly Archives: December 2005

Trying Something New

Well, my subscription to virus updates from Symantec finally expired. So, I’ve moved on. I was quite unhappy with their 2004 edition of their stuff, and I haven’t heard good things since, so I’m trying out the Bellsouth Security Tools which is the Command AntiVirus (rebranded for BellSouth, of course), and antispyware, and a firewall.

Anyway, I’ll see if it works out any better than Symantec’s offerings, which have been significantly declining in quality since 2003.

A wee bit overboard…

Jews for Jesus is suing Google over a blogger domain

I really don’t believe that it’s necessary to sue Google over a blogger domain. It’s not even Google’s fault, there’s so many blogs out there that it’s not possibly for any human being to look after stuff like that. There’s nothing in the article to indicate that Google rejected a request for them to settle the issue.

I suspect that at the heart of the issue here is a technophobe who doesn’t really understand how all this new fangled stuff works. I really doubt that in the grand scheme of things a blogger blog really affects your reputation. Most people who fool with blogs understand that blogger is a free service and as such there isn’t much oversight (unless they start to get complaints) and credibility isn’t established simply by having

Since they already have their toplevel domain of I don’t really see a need for them to worry about a blogger blog infringing on their intellectual property. Annoying, yes, illegal, no.

They would be better served to visit Six Apart’s website and get Movable Type or visit WordPress and download the WordPress blogging software (if any of y’all didn’t know, this blog is running on WordPress, and I’m quite pleased with it). Then they could have an official blog and nobody would have any reason whatsoever to think that this blogger blog had anything to do with them.

Synthetic Lifeforms?

It was inevitable, but they are now trying to create life in a lab.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that if it works (and that’s a very big if), it will be touted as support for the concept of abiogenesis, which it will not be, because they’re using the genetic code of an already living organism as their blueprint.

The second problem is, even if they actually manage to fabricate the genetics of the organism (which is a very ambitious project to begin with, although that sort of thing is likely to become possible in the future with the betterment of technology), they will still have to make it live. Life never comes from non-life. It has never been observed in nature, it’s never managed to happen in a lab. Even if these scientists are successfull at building an organism piece by piece, it still won’t be alive (which is in the article, they don’t know exactly what they’re going to do to jump start it to life, except to piggy back it on an existing life form, which puts you back to not really creating life).

It’s an interesting project, and I think we’re standing to learn a lot about how things work, even though it seems to me that it’s technically doomed to failure (ie, we lack the technology, knowledge, and resources, to create a lifeform).

Another Ty Pennington Fan…

I don’t know why the Ty fans even bother…

Ty Pennington is hotter than hot – not to mention Michael Moloney. They are all great guys and if you think that you are in any way better than them then you need a new brain, not to mention a new body! Ty and the design team from Extreme Makeover Home Edition are awesome and we love them.

If you wanna attempt to build an amazing house and have the heart to help a family, then go ahead as I’d like to see you try! The design team are unbelievable people doing everything within their power to change other people’s lives for the better! If any of the Extreme Team are reading this, we love ya, and keep doing what you’re doing!

Lets see… Where to start…

First, lets wipe the Ty Pennington-Teenage-Fan-Girl-Drool off the post, shall we?

Now, if I had the budget for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I could do all that stuff too. Nevermind the seemingly endless hoardes of help that actually build the house while Ty Pennington works on his “Special Project”.

Such as it is, Ty Pennington probably has one of the best jobs in the world, and I want it. Thus, I have declared him henceforward and forever more my arch nemesis and I shall destroy him!

That’s what you get…

Ooooh, where to start…

Mistake 1: The guy let some other guy touch his cars underthings. Changing the oil isn’t hard, if you can’t do it yourself, there’s no help for you. (It’s actually quite sad that very frequently places like Jiffy Lube manage to screw it up.)

Mistake 2: Not getting that guarantee in writing when it happened.

Mistake 3: Driving a foriegn car.

Here’s a clue for oil change franchises: Put the correct weight oil in the engine, not the weight of oil that you think is best. There are engineers that are paid a lot of money to design engines and they have a reccomended oil for the engine. It’s stamped on the dipstick for a reason. If you’re too dense to read a dipstick then give me all your wrenches and go work in a beauty parlor or something.