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State of the Union 2006

Well, I was generally underwhelmed.  Not really what I was hoping for at all.

The answer to the economic woes of the U.S. is not a guest worker program.  It is to level the playing field, and that means that free trade with nations that do not impose the same tax and regulatory burdens on companies that our country does has to go.  Likewise, most of the problems with illegal immigrants would be solved if they had to pay taxes and were under the same sort of regulatory burden as Americans.  I don’t know if that will solve the problems, but it is most certainly a very good first step, and at the least will ensure that these immigrants are paying into the tax base for the social services that they often draw upon.

The President offered up a lot of good ideas about how to become more energy independent.  What I didn’t hear was how we’re going to pay for all that research.

I’m also not terribly enthused with some of the foriegn policy initiatives.  I think he hit the nail on the head when he talked about second guessing and hindsight aren’t strategies.  When he talked about Iran, it made me think that we weren’t planning on invading, but rather hoping that the Iranians will take matters into their own hands and overthrow the government (which the US has hoped since the Shah was deposed), which is good.  The best possible outcome with Iran is for saner heads to take over that country without any outside interference.

He was also correct in pointing out that no matter how you feel about Iraq, we are there now, and we can’t just cut and run if we hope for that country to stand on its own in a way that is desirable to US interests.

The proposal on health care is a disaster.  The Federal Government has absolutely no business in the health care business.

Anyway, not a wholly bad speech, but in general, not what I wanted to hear.  These are things that just popped out at me right after the speech.

An interesting comment…

I got an interesting comment on my post on my thoughts about Hamas winning in the Palestinian Authority.

Ariel Sharon and his son Gilead are the two beasts of Revelation who will persecute Christians for believing we will inherit the holy land.

This is demonstrably false. The beast in Revelation is more commonly referred to as Antichrist.  Ariel Sharon most certainly does not fit any description of antichrist I have ever read.  Especially since he’s been in a coma for almost a month now.

Such as it is, this theology seems to be based on the presupposition that the Church supplanted Israel in God’s plan, which is not the case.  God’s plans for Israel are separate from God’s plans for the Church.  For more detail on this, I reccommend Who is the Seed of Abraham 

I wonder what they’re up to…

So, I figure that near about everybody has heard about the new Al-Zawahiri video.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that they have something planned.  Logic dictates that it probably will coincide with the Superbowl.  They’re making an awful lot of noise to have some sort of scheme cooking.  Of course, an assault during the State of the Union address would make it more personal against the President.

Of course, with all the talk of Iran of late, anything major that they do will solidify any plans already in place to take out Iran.

Right now, I’m thinking that things are going to escalate very seriously in the next week or two, whether we ever find out about it or not…

Was it the Mexican Army or wasn’t it…

You’d think we’d be able to figure out of the Mexican Army was helping smuggle drugs..

The national head of the Border Patrol, Chief David V. Aguilar, said that despite denials from Mexican authorities, the men in uniforms in a border standoff Monday near Sierra Blanca might very well be Mexican soldiers.

“They were wearing military-style uniforms, driving military-style vehicles, carrying military-style weapons, but we didn’t apprehend them. We don’t know what they are. Sheriff (Leo) Samaniego feels they were (Mexican soldiers). I would have a tendency to agree with him,” Aguilar said.

Fair warning…

Rom 12:18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

So far as it depends on you…

Rom 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Overcome evil with good…

So, that begs the question.  What is good?  Obviously, God is good.  Good people act in the face of evil.  In the face of evil, God gave His all to save us.

Doing nothing, being tolerant, that’s not good.  Goodness is telling the truth.  Goodness is trying to save somebody.

Sometimes being good comes at a price.  It has for God, and He paid it willingly.

Ask the Flannel Avenger…

I just felt like writing something, I don’t have anything in mind for this post.

But I just had a thought. Here is your golden opportunity to “Ask the Flannel Avenger”, here, let me change the title of the post, there, that’s better.

Ok, so, now is your chance to find out what I think about something that I haven’t previously discussed, or that you’re too lazy to search for. The search bar is over to the right on the main page, by the way, and I’ve found it works pretty well.

Leave your queries in the comments.

I probably shouldn’t laugh…

So, Hamas wins big in the Palestinian Territories.  This is the most amusing piece of news I’ve seen reported in a long time.

This is what you get for negotiating with terrorists.  When the terrorists make concessions, they’re voted out for bigger, meaner terrorists.

Here’s the Flannel Avenger plan for Middle East peace.

1)  Quit giving terror sponsoring states U.S. money.

2)  Refuse to have any dealing with terror sponsoring states.

3)  Recognize Israel’s right to exist and to defend themselves from terrorist and terror states.

Leave it at that.