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Nintendo is doomed

After Nintendo’s major blunder with the Game Cube of not producing any games that anybody with disposable income wants to play, they are now naming their new system “Wii“??? Do they want to go out of business?

I first saw this at It was odd enough to get me to Google it. Which led me to this, and this, neither of which seems to disagree with my assessment that the name “Wii” is… well… stupid.

But, the bottom line is that unless Nintendo can pull a Super Mario Bros (as in the first one), or a Halo out of their magic sack of goodies, they will soon find themselves listed with Atari and Sega rather than Microsoft and Sony.

Well Said…

Ed Hardin on State Fan’s reaction to even the slightest possibility that Phil Ford might maybe perhaps in a million years, ever, even maybe be considered to be the head coach at NC State. (Via the Red and White from State)

Phil Ford.

Needless to say, State Nation is apoplectic. This isn’t just any former Tar Heel. This is — and you can ask almost any Wolfpack fan — the most hated Tar Heel of them all, the devil incarnate, the last human being on the face of the planet who could rally State fans for anything other than a diploma bonfire.

The only thing worse would be to give Dean Smith himself a call…

I’m a bit troubled…

According to David Glenn Dereck Whittenburg has not recieved a phone call from the higher ups at NC State.

Granted that Whittenburg hasn’t been a head coach for as long as we’d like, but he’s one of us. And I think that he would be a cut above Calipari, Beilein, and Lavin.

Is he the right man for the job? It’s not my call and I really don’t have a good feel of the college basketball coaching scene. I do think he’s a better man for the job than 3 of our 4 public rejections.

I think that we as State Fans have an awful lot to be thankful for. We don’t have our coach yet, and it’s because all of the ones that have been made public except for Rick Barnes are not a good match for this job.

More than anything, right now, we need a leader.

Ready the Torches and Pitchforks…

I just got done reading this post over at State Fans Nation…

Now, I’m not too bothered by Lavin or Beilein passing on the NC State head coaching job. This comment about some of Beilein’s statistics at State Fans Nation really bothered me about him. I haven’t verified it, but it looks like all of Sendek’s weaknesses are more present in Beilein. And Lavin.. well, I’m not sure that we should be courting somebody that UCLA ran off. His academic record’s not that great, from what I understand, and he managed to have a losing season at UCLA a few years after winning the NCAA tournament.

But this… THIS really set me off…

Phil Ford is a Tarheel. WE ARE NC STATE! We are arch rivals! Phil Ford’s name shouldn’t be on the table. Can you say conflict of interests??? State and Carolina have athletically been at each other’s throats for 50 years before I was born. Man the torches and pitchforks, it’s time to storm the campus. This coaching search is beyond out of hand.

Not much to say right now…

So, I’m going to mooch off of others work.

Left off Colfax has three good posts on Illegal Immigration. here, here, and here.

I think that the bottom line is that our immigration laws need to change, but they need to change in such a way as to 1) encourage immigrants to assimilate into American culture, 2) ensure equal justice under the law for immigrants who came here legally, and 3) ensure that unfettered immigration of unskilled labor isn’t going to wipe out jobs for the poorest and most unskilled of Americans. After all, how is one supposed to be a good coldhearted, callous conservative and tell people to get a job if we outsource all the unskilled jobs to illegal immigrants. More seriously, our economy only has enough room for so many low skill jobs.

Oh the irony. Due to free trade agreements and all, blue collar jobs are being thrown overseas as fast as the boats can run, and now no collar jobs are being filled with immigrants. Just wait, though, in a few years, they’re going to figure out that you can hire an Indian for $100,000 to be CEO of a fortune 500 company, instead of the piles and piles of money CEO’s get now… (yes, I realize the problems with that last paragraph, but it would be delightfully ironic and I would really like to see it happen to the companies that are doing the most outsourcing, provided that the CEO didn’t get to retire to a private caribbean island)

Star Trek XI

Star Trek XI seems to be in the works.

On the one hand, it’s an odd numbered Trek film. On the other, it’s to be a Berman-less film. On the third hand, I don’t know if the guy producing and directing the venture knows anything about Star Trek. On the Fourth hand, as long as it doesn’t involve any time travel (or ignoring the ensuing paradox), or contridicting long established Star Trek cannon, there is great hope. But now, we’re up to the fifth hand, where it’s about Kirk meeting Spock, which means that we’re going to have… unknowns… playing Kirk, Spock, and presumably, Doctor McCoy. On the Sixth hand, doing Prequel stuff gives me the heebie jeebies a la the fiasco with Enterprise (see the Fourth Hand).

Hey, that gives me an idea…

Can I play Captain Kirk?

And you guys do realize that Kirk didn’t meet Spock until he took command of the Enterprise, right?