Monthly Archives: September 2006

The Path to 9-11

I watched part 1 tonight.  I’ll probably watch part 2 tomorrow night.

It does a lot to reinforce my cynicism about the government. All those people didn’t have to die. If we had politicians who cared about the people of this country instead of the latest poll, and if we didn’t have such a bureaucracy then we would be a lot better off.

What is ironic is that our solution to 9-11 was to create a bigger bureaucracy. We invade Iraq, and leave Iran and Syria to plot havoc and destruction with Hezbollah. Our allies prefer to fiddle while Rome burns, and our politicians at home are more worried that somebody from the other party will get credit for catching Osama Bin Laden, or worried that their own party will be blamed for 9-11, than actually trying to do something constructive.

If we are going to prosecute a war against these people, then we need to get on a war footing and fight to win, and victory means their total destruction.

Nobody seems to care anymore. Nothing has changed. They still want to kill us, we still want to pretend that they don’t and go on as if nothing ever happened.