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You’ve got to be kidding me.

A Mexican labor union… from Mexico… is suing the State of North Carolina…

“We didn’t come here to make a case against Mexican employers,” Arturo Alcalde, the Mexican labor group’s legal director, told a news conference. “Rather, we came in solidarity with the public sector workers of North Carolina, who are dealing with … a state law that violates fundamental rights, international agreements, basic principles of coexistence and the foundation of an agreement that was created to improve labor relations.”

I’ve got news for you smarty pants, the State of North Carolina has a representative government.  WE the PEOPLE of the STATE of NORTH CAROLINA get to decide whether we like labor unions or not.  Southerners, by and large, do not like big labor.  If you want to unionize, vote with your feet and head north.  Nothing stopping you.

I guess they just can’t stand the thought of anybody thinking or wanting to live life differently than them.  The Unions have become a bigger scourge on the world than the corporations that they were fighting against when they were founded.

My Thoughts on North Korea

Here’s what I think of North Korea…

Kim Jong Il and his jolly band of merry men are slightly less dangerous than Lime Jello (at least to me).  The United States of America could turn all of North Korea into a sheet of glass without a second thought.   Kim Jong Il doesn’t worry me.

North Korea is not the United States problem.  North Korea is South Korea and Japan’s problem.  The Japanese seem to be scared senseless, but I really don’t understand South Koreas desire to get all chummy with the North, but then again, it’s South Koreas head on a platter, if they don’t care, why should I?

North Korea is wholly dependent upon China, the Chinese could bring them into line if they so wished.  We could put the diplomatic squeeze on China to either get results from North Korea or they can kiss the trade defecit they’re running with us goodbye.  We could depose the despot or end the exportation of our livelihoods to China in a single move.  That doesn’t sound so bad to me, especially since I consider the Communists running China to be little better than the Communists running North Korea.
Talk of the UN doing anything makes me laugh.  Really.  It’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time.  Russia and China will never, ever, let anything meaningful come out of the security council against their pet tyrant.  The UN is totally useless except in maintaining the status quo, and I think that a status quo where genocide, terrorism, and communist dictatorships (or dictatorships in general) are fostered is a status quo that is not worthy of keeping.