Monthly Archives: December 2006

Sidney Lowe, I salute you

“They’re playing without their guard, Atsur, and don’t have much depth, and they never quit and just kept coming,” Gottfried said.

As long as the NCSU basketball team plays like that, we can win.  I don’t know how well NCSU Basketball will do this year, but I do know that they’re no pushovers, and they can beat anybody who doesn’t give them the respect that they deserve.

Despite the odds, I am anxiously awaiting the State/Carolina and the State/Duke games.  No matter what happens in the game, I think that Sidney Lowe and his team will give all NC State alumni and fans a reason to hold their heads high.  Win or lose, it’s apparent that nobody can take our spirit.

My Arch Nemesis Strikes Yet Again!

What may appear on television next year as a moment of extemporaneous abandon was actually a meticulously staged event. It was ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in full swing Saturday morning as production crews did take after take of demolition sequences before at least 1,000 onlookers in Raleigh’s Mordecai neighborhood.

The News and Observer 12-3-2006

Well well well… My Arch Nemesis has come to Raleigh.  No doubt he’s sitting across town chuckling in evil glee right now.