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Wake County Commissioners surprised the county’s school board Saturday by agreeing to pursue another big-dollar school bond this year.

This plan comes two months after voters passed a $970 million bond for schools and while school leaders and the commissioners have an unresolved dispute about money for year-round school conversions.

Crunching the numbers, Wake County commissioners said they expect to spend $4 billion on schools in the next 10 years. They plan on asking voters for half of it in the first two years.

How much more money are we expected to pump into the Wake County School System?  How much money do they think that we have?  This is ridiculous!  It’s purely ridiculous.

They want to spend Billions of dollars on school construction??  That’s BILLION with a B.  As in $400,000,000,000.00.  There must be a better way.  There has to be a better way.

When does it end?  When the whole county is nothing but a giant school and the school board rules with an iron fist?

First Post of 2007

So, it’s 2007. I figure I’ll inaugurate the year with a few of my thoughts on the finer things.

1) I’m tired of hearing that the Democrats got a majority because of Iraq. It didn’t have anything to do with Iraq. It had to do with the Republicans getting too big for their britches and selling out the people who put them in Washington in the first place. You don’t run as the party of fiscal restraint and spend like drunken sailors and expect for anybody to vote for you in the next election. I don’t care who you are, if you forget the people who voted for you in the first place, you’re gonna have an awful hard time getting reelected, and that’s what happened. The championed the “Bridge to Nowhere” and it got them nowhere. It’s fitting, and they got what they deserved.

2) The light at the end of the Democratic tunnel. The Democratic party is a disaster waiting to happen, but the sky isn’t falling just yet. All indications thus far are that the Democrats aren’t interested in letting the radical left get them run out of office by angry mobs with torches, pitchforks, bags of feathers, and vats of tar. Nancy Pelosi duct taped Charles Rangel to a chair in a closet somewhere in the Capital after he dared utter the “D-word”. I know it’s a long shot, but I’m hoping that the Democrats will take a tough line with China about the trade imbalance we have with them. If the Democratic leadership is listening, don’t raise the income tax, put a nice hefty tariff on Chinese goods. You’ll do the American manufacturing base a big favor, and at the same time, get us out from under the heel of a nation that doesn’t exactly view us as their friend (nevermind pull the dollar back from the brink… for now)

3) The Republicans need to find a leader. Right now, there is nobody on the Republican Radar that can rally their base, nevermind rally a majority to retake the congress and keep the Presidency in 2008. Of course, the Democrats have an equally weak showing so far, in that I’m not sure that any of the Democrats that seem to be running can garner any support outside the fold of the Democratic party.

4) I lose more respect for Jimmy Carter every time he opens his mouth. Israel isn’t perfect, but I have absolutely no sympathy for somebody who would send their children to blow themselves up in a pizza parlor and kill and maim a bunch of teenage girls. Nevermind the seemingly endless assault by rockets on Israel. As far as I am concerned, until the Palestinians unconditionally give up terrorism, Israel has free reign to defend themselves as best as they see fit.

5) The whole Iraq Study Group thing just proves that a number of Republican foreign policy experts are just as daft and dumb as their Democratic counterparts. And Henry Kissinger was senile 35 years ago, and he’s still senile today. Where is Ronald Reagan when we need him?

6) We are not at war. We haven’t been at war. For all that we have accomplished by invading Iraq and Afghanistan, we never clearly defined our enemy nor our goals. If our goal was to stamp out Islamic Terror Networks, then why don’t Iran and Syria have giant bullseyes painted on them? Why aren’t we putting the squeeze on the Saudis? What is it going to take for us to develop our native gas reserves? Spare me the lecture on Alternative Fuel Sources. Yes, we need to be working on them, but it will take longer to get them in place than it will to develop our gas reserves. And when they do take off, how long are the current crop of automobiles going to be around? After all, not everybody can afford to go buy a new car just because we have a new fuel source. I drive a 20 year old truck and I can’t afford to replace it. Right now, I couldn’t even pay to convert it over to run on E85 ethanol. Pretending that we can afford to not develop our natural resources is shortsighted and to put it bluntly, stupid.

We never should have committed our armed forces to this jolly little endeavor without a declaration of war. It was utterly stupid to do so. We have asked them to risk their lives so that our snively little politicians can argue over the nature of the enemy. The Republicans owe our troops an apology for refusing to do the right thing and get a declaration of war. The Democrats owe our troops an apology for voting to authorize the use of force in Iraq and Afghanistan and then turning like rabid dogs when things got rough.

7)  On the local front:

This fall, they used their might to help push through the largest school construction bond proposal in Wake County history, $970 million. Ann led the campaign, and Jim sent e-mail messages to all his 4,000 Wake County employees urging them to vote yes.

The News and Observer, 12/31/2006

For all that the Goodnights are genuinely good people, I note that they enacted a plan to give away my money mighty easily.  That tax increase that you shoved through might not mean much to you, but I’m not exactly getting rich here, although I’m trying to work my way to being fiscally stable.  Thanks.  You got a bunch of rich white kids in North Raleigh their million dollar football stadiums.  Good for you.