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Sooo… do indeed tell me… what else is new?

This… is utterly hillarious…

The Democrats are doing exactly what they said that they would do, and what they have done for the past 50 years.  Nobody is surprised by their behavior.

If the Republicans want to be respected in any way shape or form for the next 100 years, they have to immediately:

A)  Grow spines.


B)  Be something other than the Diet Coke of Democrat.  Just not Democratic enough.

For 6 years, the Republicans had a chance to remake the government in their image.  And the picture that they painted was the picture painted by Lyndon Johnson and his Great Society, not Ronald Regan and “The Scariest words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help'”.

I want genuine limited constitutional governance.  Or anarchy.  I’ll take either over socialism, fascism, and communism.

The General Assembly Has Waaaaaaaay too much time on its hands…

Perusing WRAL, I found this delightful little story:

 That’s the reason for a new state bill that would require new public buildings or public places undergoing major renovation to have twice as many stalls for women as men.

“There are huge lines of women a lot of times waiting to get in the restroom, and the guys just walk in and out,” said Sen. Janet Cowell, D-Wake. “I stood in a line 50 women deep that took about 35 minutes to get through, and that was the moment I was going to file this bill.”

And so now… the government of North Carolina is considering whether or not to mandate how many toilets one must offer for men and women in an establishment.   It may make sense to provide more bathrooms for women than men… but that is a decision that the propriter of the property should make. Not the government.  For example… the last time I was in a McDonalds, there didn’t seem to be a problem.  Nor with most restaurants.

It’s good business to keep your customers happy.  Let the free market work.  This proposed “toilet equity” will only use the force of government to mandate toilets in places that they are not needed – and I bet women still have to wait in line at events where there are more people than the facilities were designed to accommodate.

We’re Doomed.

I will tell you, if we can find that common ground, we have a very good chance of getting the bill out of the Senate, because Senator Kennedy is one of the best legislative senators there is. He can get the job done. I know firsthand, because we reformed our education system, Mr. President, with his help in 2001. Not to slip in another issue, but we do need to get No Child Left Behind reauthorized, and I’m looking forward to working with Senator Kennedy on the reauthorization.

The Conservatives of this country aren’t blind or stupid.  George Bush largely got a pass on Kennedy’s involvement in No Child Left Behind from the right.  But letting Senator Kennedy have the same kind of involvement in policy regarding immigration is not the way to win back the affection of a base that the Republican Party alienated by abusing their power to accomplish precisely NOTHING that they claimed was important to them.  Six years, and all they accomplished NOTHING.

They deserved losing in 06, and they deserve to lose colossaly in 08.   The thought of Hillary Clinton disgracing the White House again sickens me less than the thought that these spineless worthless cowards could retain power.

I bet they’re glad they didn’t go for the nuclear option now…  but then again, I don’t think that this bunch of sissies has the guts to filibuster for anything.


NC State has battled their way into the ACC Championship game.

It is wonderful to have a team that knows that the ACC tournament is theirs to take. If I was Ol’ Roy, I would be worried. This game means a lot more to NC State than it would to Virginia Tech. I suspect it means a lot more to the NC State players and coaches than it does to the UNC Players (there is no doubt in my mind, however, that Roy Williams is feverishly making a gameplan which he hopes will systematically dismember the Wolfpack… but, I’m starting to think that Sidney Lowe may in face be a basketball genius, and I’m sure Coach Lowe is hard at work as well.)

Shout aloud to the men who will play the game to win
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State,
Hold that line, hold ’em fast,
We’ll reach victory at last
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State,
Rise up to the fray and let your colors wave,
Shout out for dear old N.C. State;
And where-e’er we go,
we’ll let the whole world know,
We’re behind you, keep fighting for State!

 NC State Block S Logo