Monthly Archives: April 2007


It is with a heavy heart that I am forced to declare a war.  This is not a war of my choice – rather – it is a war that has been thrust upon me.   My territory has been invaded by a heartless mass, and I shall repel it.

Friends, Countrymen, please join me in the war on Japanese Stiltgrass.   Yes, this non-native plant has invaded my back yard.  I have thus far been unsuccessful in killing it off for good.  Yes, I drive it back, but it always returns.  This tit for tat action is getting me nowhere.  Even the utter destruction of all life in the backyard with round-up, while effective at driving the enemy back, has not allowed me to hold the area.

Therefore, this afternoon, I have begun a new strategy.  I have deployed one of the herbicides that claim not to harm your grass against it.  My hope is that I can cultivate grass to push it back.  But alas, so far I have been totally unable to destroy it.

I may break out the tiller this fall and go for the nuclear option if I cannot hold it at bay this summer…  Of course, that could backfire on me too.

I’ll just call the concrete company and buy a bucket of green paint…

A Pox on the Tax Man

I did my income taxes this afternoon.

There is simply no excuse to have a set of laws so confusing and awkward.  None.  If you can’t figure out how much you owe with a piece of scratch paper and a pen, then the system is too complicated.  Period.  End of story.


The very thought of making pieces of I-540 a toll road are sickening.  My tax dollars went to build the pieces of I-540 that already exist.  And those parts go nowhere that I need them to go!  I live in Southern Wake County.

I vote that we make the existing stretches of I-540 a toll road.  That way, we can collect the money to build the Southern Stretch in advance.

Or better yet, I vote that we tar and feather all these politicians who don’t grasp basic math or economics.

Politicians are scum.  All of them.