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He speaks the truth…

I tried very hard to solve this problem before we went to war, by saying declare war if you want to go to war; go to war, fight it and win it, but don’t get into it for political reasons or to enforce U.N. resolutions or pretend the Iraqis were a national threat to us.

Thus spoke Ron Paul.  And he’s right…  we haven’t done so well in undeclared wars.

(as an aside, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that the Hussein regime in Iraq was giving material aid and comfort to terrorists who struck the United States – which is a legitimate grounds for war)

Likewise – if you view the extended answer – I still maintain that the Republican loss in the 2006 elections was based more on the betrayal of their base than by the war.  The Republican base by and large was silenced not by the superior wisdom of the anti-war crowd, but by simple disgust at the irresponsible behavior coming out of Washington (a la the bridge to nowhere). People might say that it’s the war that they’re upset about.  But people are sheep, they do as they’re told, and when the Republicans got mad at the politicians with a little (R) next to their name, they quit saying things for the sheep to hear.   And thus, the sheep only heard one side of the story.

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From one of the comments on one of my rants about the Wake County Public School System

  1. Jason Says:
    Just moments ago, Superior Court Judge Howard Manning, Jr. ruled year-round schedules for schools must be voluntary, in Wake County.In encourage your comments and discussion.
    This is a topic of my latest blog posting.

    Inside the Core

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This is certainly a blow to the would be tyrants in the education system around here. Although it does nothing to inspire me with confidence that the WCPSS can either educate the children in Wake County effectively, nor that they are good stewards of the public funds to which they have been entrusted (never mind the children to which they have been entrusted, but that’s a rant for another time…)

A larger bureaucracy is never the answer. This is why public schools are failing. They’re managed by bureaucrats. This is why No Child Left Behind fails – it creates more bureaucracy and more bureaucrats. The federal department of education should be disbanded. Our current scheme of educating children should be abandoned. Our schools resemble communist reeducation centers more than resemble institutions of learning. Can’t have anybody thinking the wrong thoughts, now can we…