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I Want an Audit.

I got my latest tax bill from the Wake County department of Revenue, and am sad to report that approximately 77% of the Wake County budget is going to the public school system (does anybody know whether or not that figure includes what I’m paying on the ill conceived bonds that were passed in the last election?)

77%.  More than 3/4 of the money Wake County collects goes to the school system.

A school system that I have no use for, and of which is held accountable to precisely nobody.

looking at where my tax money goes always puts me in a foul mood.

You know…

I wonder how Sun feels about all this stuff Mozilla is saying about Thunderbird…

And here’s another thought…  What good is a web browser without a web editor?  How better to support web standards than to provide a standards compliant web editor… and it seems to me that if there is no room for Thunderbird, there is probably not any room left for Composer either.

I am saddened by this development greatly.  Viva Seamonkey!

Say it isn’t so…

Mozilla is looking to kick Thunderbird out of the fold the same way that they did the Mozilla Suite…

I am saddened by this development as I use Thunderbird at home and at work, and in fact, at work, I have forced Thunderbird upon everybody there (well, except for 2 people – who I forced Seamonkey on… heh heh heh).

But alas, I am but an end user.  But for whatever my opinion is worth, I think that if Mozilla isn’t interested in continuing development of Thunderbird, it should go the same way as the Mozilla Suite, as I have been fairly impressed by the ability of the Seamonkey folks to turn out a good piece of software that, in my subjective experience, runs faster than Firefox.

I have but one request.  If Mozilla has no interest in devoting resources to Thunderbird, devote a few to Seamonkey.  The only thing that keeps Firefox my preferred browser over Seamonkey is Firefox’s find without the dialog box feature.

(as I originally saw it here)

They want to raise our taxes to build toll roads??!!??

According to, there is a proposal in the NC Senate that would raise taxes on vehicles in order to build toll roads.

Can somebody explain to me why we need a tax hike AND to institute toll roads??

Can somebody explain to me why the half of I-540 that goes AWAY from my house will be a public road, and the half that goes TOWARDS my house is a proposed toll road? Did MY tax dollars not go to build the half of the road that goes away from my house?

This is inane. It’s stupid. It’s insanity. The finances of the state of North Carolina have been grossly, grossly mismanaged. Heads should roll. I think it’s time to start putting a few more state legislators behind bars.


We don’t need toll roads and lotteries, we need responsible government! Toll roads and lotteries are nothing but a bunch of political hand waving to distract you from the real problem. The politicians.

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Transformers: The Movie

I just returned from seeing Transformers the Movie.

The experience was lessened by the morons who talk during the movie.

The first half of the movie was entirely supported by the Camaro.    Classic Camaro, then new Camaro…  I liked that…

Although I think the decision to not give the Transformers spaceships was dumb…  Precisely because of the way they landed.  Careening into the town and blowing it up?  Come on.  That’s just stupid.

But, for the most part, I liked it.  I shall own this movie on DVD when it comes out.

Attention NC Indymedia Types…

Spammers are sorely abusing your service.  They’re inserting articles with redirects into it.  I am getting spam comments whose “homepages” are listed as being at NC Indymedia.

All my attempts to e-mail NC Indymedia have bounced back (the contact page needs updating very badly).   Thus, I am making a public post.

UNC Chapel Hill administrators, computer geeks, students, whatever, find out whoever is in charge of running that service and get them to fix it, or you’re going to find that NC Indymedia is going to be banned by all manner of anti-spam services.  Not only that, since UNC-CH runs it, it’s taxpayer subsidized.  As a taxpayer of the State of North Carolina, I rather dislike the thought of providing a platform for spam…