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It doesn’t seem to hurt Apple…

The EU is saying that Microsoft must release source code to Windows to allow better functionality for media players…

Which seems to me to beg the question:  What about Apple?

iTunes and the iPod are fairly dominant products in the marketplace, and they didn’t need a court ruling to help them integrate with Windows.

If these guys are really so high and mighty about improving choice for consumers, then perhaps they should take a swipe at DRM, which locks you in to a particular media player (presuming, of course, that you simply don’t hack your way out of the DRM, but that would be violating all sorts of agreements…)

Microsoft paid to develop Windows.  The source code belongs to them.  They are free to do with it as they wish.  If consumers don’t like it, I invite them to switch to Linux.  And in a DRM-free land, it would be quite simple to have your Linux and your multimedia too.

These folks need to face simple facts:  the hackers are smarter than you are.  The only people you’re penalizing are the ones who actually pay you.

From the Comments: Reinstating the Draft

I have an interesting comment on my post on the Draft that I wanted to respond to:

 I believe that if this country was ever truly in a defensive struggle for its very life, a draft would be unnecessary, because there’d be no shortage of volunteers. And if I’m wrong, then this country doesn’t deserve to survive.

I agree with that statement wholeheartedly.   Which is why I really don’t worry about a draft.   As my thinking goes, in the event that we are threatened, not all able bodied men can go to meet the enemy – some have to stay at home to guard the homefront.  The draft seems like as good a system as any to decide who stays and who goes, presuming, of course, that there are enough Americans left in this country who would rise up to fight.  Which is also why I say that a declaration of war is a necessary prerequisite to a draft.

PS- Iraq is going to turn to shit whether we leave tomorrow, or in ten years. How many more American lives do you want to throw away on a mistake? We left Vietnam with our tail between our legs, and guess what? The “dominoes” didn’t fall, and today we’ve got diplomatic relations with Vietnam, we’re trading with them like crazy, and American tourists visit the country in droves. May Iraq turn out as well in 30 years, as Vietnam did (and, hopefully without anywhere near 58,000 Americans KIA, and a million Iraqi civillians dead at our hands).

This has been the sentiment from every Iraq vet that I have talked to.  Leaving Vietnam was a bloody mess, although they do seem to have recovered from it.  I’d like to think that we can manage to avoid the scene of the Fall of Saigon in Iraq, though.

Something tells me the War of Northern Aggression would have turned out a lot differently if it had been a “volunteers only” conflict.

It would have lasted about a week, and the South would have won.

Paying Customers Shriek – Pirates Go Unscathed…

Yet another example of why these two bit authentication schemed being employed by Microsoft and other large software companies should be avoided at all costs…

As they say – a picture is worth a thousand words…

Linux is the clear winner when it comes to the rights of the consumer. Microsoft’s (and a good number of other large proprietary software vendors) slogans should be “Bend over and take it”.

In other news, I have recently had experience with Windows Vista Business. I hate it. It’s an OS for stupid people. I guess Microsoft finally got tired of being blamed for the stupidity of humanity and designed an OS where it was impossible to do anything without having to confirm your actions. If I didn’t have software applications at work that only worked on Windows, I would have Linux on this Vista system in a hot second. That makes me start to think about Googling possible scenarios to get rid of Vista entirely…