Monthly Archives: January 2008

The State of the Right

Tonight, I watched the documentary on Jesse Helms:  Senator No.

And it’s got me riled up.  Where have the conservatives gone?   Has anybody seriously seen the contenders for President of the United States of America?

I watched the New Hampshire debates on TV the other week.  Ron Paul was the only one who actually thought that entitlement programs were a bad idea and not the federal government’s job.

What happened to abolishing  the National Endowment for the Arts?  What happened to putting an end to the Department of Education?

Is there anybody left with a spine?  Is there anybody left to stand up for the people who don’t WANT the government to run their lives?  Is there anybody left who won’t surrender US sovereignty to anybody who asks for it?  Is there anybody left who believes that firearms are best left in the hands of honest law abiding citizens?

I have a memo to the government:  STAY OUT OF MY HOSPITAL ROOM!.

Don’t the people of this country realize that if you let the government run health care then there will be no area of your life that they can’t stick their grubby little paws in?  You’ll have a punch card to go to McDonalds to make sure you don’t eat too many transfats.  The government already gets to rifle through how you spend all your money because you might be trying to keep some of it.

If we end the entitlements, get the government out of everybody’s business, and just let people live their lives, then it will go a long way to solving a lot of the problems in this country.  End the two bit social engineering schemes.  End it all.  Protect the border, protect the country, and leave us alone.

The only excuse for the government to even exist is to protect the weak from the strong.  Some people have taken that to be a mandate to abuse the strong on behalf of the weak.  But that’s not anymore right.

Charity is an act of an individual.  When a government gives a handout it’s vote buying.