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This is not news. This is propaganda.

From the Associated Press, via

First – we have an emotional story:

The cake had been served and the children were jumping up and down in a big, inflatable castle when the birthday party turned to bedlam.

Clarence McGraw’s jaw dropped as he saw the visitors coming, guns drawn. The screaming began.

Children ran everywhere in the courtyard of the low-income apartment complex; adults fell to the ground. Bullets flew. The killers wounded three youngsters, but for reasons police can’t explain, it was 19-year-old McGraw they were after.

As McGraw lay in the center of the green square, the gunmen stood over him and fired again. He was shot 15 to 20 times in all.

The September 15 killing was remarkable in that it took place in the most innocent of settings – the fifth birthday of twin boys. But it was unremarkable in that one of the guns brandished was an AK-47-type rifle – a powerful, rapid-fire weapon that has long been used in Third World conflicts but is increasingly being used in American street fights.

Figures from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, obtained by The Associated Press through public records requests, show a marked increase in the number of AK-type weapons traced and entered into the agency’s computer database because they had been seized or connected to a crime.

The number of such tracings rose even while the federal assault weapons ban was in effect and has continued to climb since its expiration.

Now we establish that they’re scary:

The numbers corroborate what police chiefs around the country have been saying: AKs and other so-called assault weapons are terrorizing their communities and endangering their officers.

Now we have a quote from the Brady Campaign:

A 2004 study by the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence concluded the U.S. ban on AKs and other guns was successful, saying in the five years before its passage, assault weapons made up 4.82 percent of ATF crime gun traces, compared with 1.61 percent between 1995 and 2003.

A generalization:

Many politicians, police chiefs and gun control advocates point to the expiration of the assault weapons ban as a reason for the spread of the guns. But many others argue the law was so riddled with loopholes that it had little effect.

And now – the token quote from the NRA.

The National Rifle Association says the focus must be getting criminals off the streets, not more legislation.

“The basic reason why gun control laws fail is that they require the cooperation of a very unlikely source, and that is criminals,” said NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam. “Each time you pass a gun control law, the only people that are going to be affected by that law, the only people that are going to follow that law are law-abiding Americans.”

And we close with another attempt at emotional manipulation.

…No arrests have been made. McGraw was buried in a $450 grave against a chain-link fence in a crumbling New Orleans cemetery. The mound of dirt above his casket is littered with rocks and bone fragments and teeth. There was no money for a marker.

Is this what passes for objective journalism in this day and time?

Homeowners to feel slight twinge of guilt…

… But I’ll get over it.

According to this article at, the poor poor teachers of Wake County will have to forgo the employer portion of the dental insurance premium.

Here’s a hint! I don’t have dental insurance. And if you keep raising my taxes to pay for a school system that wants more money every time I turn around, I won’t be able to afford to go to the dentist ever for any reason. But, you know, I’m sure that they thought of that. They’ll just raise taxes until I can’t afford to buy food either, and then my teeth will stay in nice pristine shape.

For what my property taxes went up when the school bonds kicked in, I could pay to go to the dentist out of my pocket twice a year like the ADA recommends. This madness has to stop, I can’t afford anymore taxes, I don’t care WHAT sob story you come up with.

I Hope Somebody at NCSU is as Annoyed as I am

This is sick.  Sick and wrong.

 The sellout crowd, as expected, was packed with light blue, and Carolina quickly turned the RBC Center into a routine night at the Smith Center

I’m trying to suppress my gag reflex.

The whole article is a Tarheel love fest.

Meanwhile, while the hated Tarheels are living it up in our basketball arena, the best that the NCSU faithful can do is cheer for people in orange.

It is a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad day for North Carolina State University athletics.

More Taxes…

It seems that there are certain individuals who want to give the School Board the power to tax.

Let me go on the record as unequivocally opposing this action.   We keep pouring more and more money into the public schools for less and less of a return.

Wasn’t the preciousssssssssss lottery supposed to solve all these funding problems anyway?

It’s all nothing but scams to separate people from their money.

McCain on North Carolina…

He seems to think that North Carolina is stealing South Carolina’s water.

at 22:58 in the video, he accuses us of stealing water.

Of course, South Carolina has filed a suit in the Supreme Court.  It’s not settled yet.  It’s nice to know that the Republican Nominee for President of the United States is impartial and all…

As pointed out by liquicon1 on the Republican Liberty Caucus of North Carolina mailing list

Utterly Despicable

I saw this on Facebook, and there’s not much to say, but it’s utterly despicable.  Protesting at funerals crosses every line.  These nuts have done it to gays, and to soldiers, and now to a murder victim?

The right to free speech doesn’t cover this.  The right to free speech is a right to criticize the government without fear of prosecution or intimidation.  Not to tear people down at funerals.

A controversial church in Kansas known for picketing the funerals of soldiers has posted plans on its Web site and contacted UNC Chapel Hill officials about picketing Carson’s memorial.

The group, Westboro Baptist Church or WBC, writes on its Web site “thank God for another dead college student and God hates American colleges.”

If they have the guts to show up, Governor Easley should have the Highway Patrol and the National Guard meet them to escort them to the border state of their choice.

What is going on in the world…

First, there are neer do wells who want to monitor my own private well to see how much water I’m using…

And now, they want to put a tracking device in my truck???

This totally crosses the line.  There is a point where it is appropriate to talk of revolt.  This is it.

These are the actions of a totalitarian state.  I can’t see any other explanation.  Whatever happened to freedom?