Monthly Archives: May 2008

The Effectiveness of Weapons Bans

This is a bit of sad news that I came across today.  An 18 year old actor in Great Britain was stabbed to death.  And from reading the article, it seems that there is a rash of knife crime sweeping the United Kingdom.

And further from reading the article, it seems that there is also a ban in place on carrying knives.

The problem isn’t the inanimate objects.  The problem is the people.  Being armed is not a causal factor in violent crime – however, it is often a factor in a smaller weaker person being able to defend themselves against a larger stronger person.

There are many many women in the world who are very good at shooting.  And even more who are capable of defending themselves with a gun even if they’re not going to win many awards for their marksmanship.  That’s a level playing field.  A woman vs a Man with a Knife isn’t.  Or a woman vs a man with a bat. Or a man with a stick, or a man with a rock.  Or even just a vicious enough man.

All these bans have accomplished is to turn the smaller and weaker people of the world into victims.