Monthly Archives: October 2008

Yet more horrible ideas in Washington

So, Congress passes an abominable bailout bill (I will not forget this Richard Burr when you are running for re-election).  And now, it comes out that part of the sinister master plan is to nationalize the banks.

Paulson has indicated the administration will use part of the recent $700 billion bailout Bush signed Oct. 3 to have the government take ownership stakes in banks. The plan has wide support on Capitol Hill, although Democrats pressed for quicker action in spelling out specifics.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., sounded a cautionary note. “That has to be very, very carefully done,” he said. “We are a capitalistic system and we don’t want to move away with nationalizing the banking system. So that anything that’s done has to be done on a temporary basis.”

Yeah.  Sure.  It’ll be temporary.  And the moon is made of cheese.

There is no problem that the government cannot make worse, and the amount of control that the government is going to have over the economy after they get done with all these “bailouts” or “rescue” bills seems to be rolling out the red carpet for a future despot.

These people must be stopped.  We have an election in less than a month.  Vote for no Republican that supported this monstrosity (and I include John McCain on that list.)

And considering that all of a sudden the Democrats love George W. Bush and are on board with this insane scheme, I feel like I’m in an episode of the twilight zone.

Is it too late to take out a sub prime loan on a mountain complex where I can hide for the next few years?  I have it on good authority that John McCain will buy the loan and rewrite it so I can afford it…