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Keep Jim Black In Prison

WRAL is reporting:

Attorneys for former House Speaker Jim Black say he’s served enough time for a political corruption conviction.

The way that Jim Black abused his power and corrupted the institutions of the State of North Caroliana is detestable.   His sentence was an insult to the good people of North Carolina.  He should have been thrown UNDER the jail.

It has become painfully obvious that the previous two administrations in Raleigh were horrendously corrupt (Jim Hunt and the DOT scandals, and the ongoing revelations about the shenanigans in the Easley administration).  And we know that the Governor (Mike Easley who pushed hard for a lottery and then signed the dirty and wrongly passed bill) and the Lieutenant Governor (current governor Bev Perdue who cast the tie breaking vote in the Senate) were in cahoots with Jim Black to get the lottery passed in the most dishonest and unscrupulous manner that they could.

Ron Paul: GM, Amtrak and an Increasingly Fascist America

Ron Paul is at present the only sign of life in the Republican Party.  In the Presidential primaries last year, he was THE ONLY candidate from the Republican Party (or the Democratic party for that matter) to articulate the fundamental problems with the US economy and predict the economic chaos that has engulfed us.

Barack Obama has taken the “failed economic policies of the Bush administration” and put them on steroids.

Ron Paul very nicely sums up the situation that we are presently in:

Comingling public control of private business is known as fascism. While today’s politicians may feel emboldened with all their new power, history will only repeat itself as all this collapses on itself. It is the height of hubris for bureaucrats and politicians to attempt to control the market and the freewill of the American people. In the end, the market always wins out. Maybe one day future generations will wise up and allow free markets to function and thrive without the albatross of government around its neck. For now, it looks like those in charge have not learned the lessons of the past, and have doomed us to repeat those mistakes once again.

Incoherency in the Courts

It has come to my attention that the Second US Court of Appeals has ruled:

The unanimous three-judge panel ruled today that a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year, which recognized an individual right to bear arms under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, didn’t apply to states and municipalities.

To which I say… fair enough.  The Bill of Rights was meant as a check on Federal Abuse of Power.  Not a restriction on State power.

In return to ceding this point, I expect for the courts to acknowledge…

1)  Roe V. Wade was a farce and that the constitution does not enshrine a right to kill unborn children.

2)  The 9th and 10th Amendments mean what they say and we’ll see them enforced in the courts

I can say this comfortably with the knowledge that almost all the States have some version of the Second Amendment enshrined in their constitutions, and a Judiciary that actually gives judgements based on what the law says and means is in the best interests of everybody – assuming, of course, that the State Courts follow suit and issue decisions based on what the law actually says.

A Little Housekeeping…


It’s been a while since I spruced up the ol’ blogroll.  I’ve removed some abandoned blogs and generally put it back into proper order…  This was brought on by a server upgrade and a clean install of WordPress that didn’t import my old blogroll (fortunately, I saw that server change coming from a mile away and backed everything up…)

Hopefully, this is the first step in ending the decay that has fallen on this corner of the internet over the past year or two.

Thoughts on Energy and GM’s Bankruptcy…

Well, this post has been inspired by this comment:

I know you probably think I’m crazy, but I think we should have a much higher gas tax. I’d be all for something like $5 a gallon gas tax, it’s a win-win more $$ for the government for things like road and great incentive to reduce consumption.

First off, I think that crazy is too strong  a word.   I would prefer “horribly misguided”.. but whatever works…

Here’s the thing that really gets me…  the folks who scream loudest about the environment are completely and totally squandering a perfect opportunity to work for real change and are instead chugging ahead with the current “climate bill” that rather than actually address any of the problems that this nation faces instead imposes heavy handed restrictions on the United States simply to pander to rabid environmentalists.

And this isn’t just the Congress… Barack Obama has followed through with this same heavy handedness by raising CAFE standards through executive fiat.

To start off…  the Climate Bill will never accomplish it’s stated purpose of reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.  Cap and Trade has one inevitable result:  the movement of industry offshore.   The emissions will not go away.  They will merely be outsourced to China and Mexico – where the factories will probably be orders of magnitude LESS efficient, and then the shipping will further release gases into the atmosphere.  We lose jobs and accomplish absolutely nothing.  The only way that a Cap and Trade scheme has any hope of working is to apply some penalty (i.e. a tariff) to goods coming into this country from countries that exceed the mandated standards.  This, of course, will never fly with the Chinese who now own us.

This is of course assuming that one buys into the whole Global Warming panic, which I don’t.  Nobody has shown that a marginal increase in the temerature of the earth is actually going to destroy the world (in fact, scientists generally tend to agree that the earth used to be significantly warmer than it is now).  And not only that, as far as I can tell, nobody has even bothered to establish that a warmer earth is, in fact, a bad thing.  Why should we want a cooler earth with the resultant shorter growing seasons?  And to go even further, how is it that the answer is always heavy handed government intervention?  Trees are an excellent means of absorbing atmospheric gases.  Maybe we should just outlaw clear cutting of woodlands to put in McManisions.  Perhaps we should plant trees down highway medians instead of grass – perhaps we can even save some on mowing as part of the deal.

But the really annoying thing is that the environmentalists seem dead set on these heavy handed laws rather than trying to encourage the development and adoption of technologies that would meet their prescribed criteria.  The climate bill is more Anti-Industry than it is good stewardship of the earth and its resources.  A proper energy plan would provide incentives for industries and power companies to change.  In the United States the government has a lot of carrots it can offer to accomplish this without heavy handed draconian measures.

Now… on to cars…

As I have said previously, I have no doubt that Obama has no interest in running GM, but I am certain that Obama and every other liberal in this country is salivating at the prospect of being able to appoint one of their cronies to the GM board.  They’re already planning to make little green Obamamobiles whether or not people want them (a la the previously mentioned CAFE standards).

I have had a little bit of a change of heart having now seen what has happened with Chryler and GM, and I am no longer sympathetic to bailing them out.  The scariest words in the English language continue to be “I’m from the government and I’m here to help!”.  GM and Chrylser would have been far far better off had they simply declared bankruptcy without government involvement and bailouts.  Bankruptcy could have brought a fresh start to GM (or at least the pieces of GM)  with a new direction and outlook.   The way that this has happened, the government has siezed GM and has now taken away an opportunity from an entrepenuer to take the reins and innovate.  It goes without saying that the main beneficiary of the government involvement has been the United Auto Workers who gave considerable support to Barack Obama’s Presidential bid and they’re now getting their payback.  If GM had declared bankruptcy outside of this government arrangement, the UAW would have been defunct.  The agreements between GM and the UAW wouldn’t be worth the paper they were written on, and no automaker in their right mind would tolerate a UAW rep within 100 miles of their operations.

The federal government is too big.  It has too much power.  This situation is getting out of hand very quickly.  Powerful and invasive central governments very seldom turn out well for their citizens.