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This is just too priceless not to post.

Woman Holds Up "Hate Free Zone" sign as people express hate.

A woman holds up a "Eugene: A Hate Free Zone" sign as her fellow protestors express hate towards Sarah Palin

Irony is just lost on some people…

Shame on WRAL

Shame on WRAL and Capital Broadcasting.

This article is blatantly biased.

The Raleigh City Council voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon in favor of a resolution outlining arguments against re-segregation of schools in Wake County.

Re-Segregation of schools.  Yeah.  That’s not biased at all.  NOBODY has suggested segregating the schools.  And it is apparent that Capital Broadcasting can’t keep its editorial opinion out of the newsroom on this matter.

Lets think this out.

1)  The courts have ruled that it is, in fact, illegal to assign a student to a school based on their race.

2)  Opponents of the Wake County school board attempts at reform keep calling it “re-segregation” or other synonyms thereof.  They are the ones making it an issue of race.  Not proponents of neighborhood schools.  But by saying that ending the “socio-economic diversity” policy is “re-segregating” the schools, they have ADMITTED that they are, in fact, making school assignment decisions based on race.  Which, as we have already discussed, is illegal.

But, it gets even better.  The United States Commission on Civil Rights in 2006 found that:

Specifically, the Commission finds that “there is little evidence that racial and ethnic diversity in elementary and secondary schools results in significant improvements in academic performance; studies on the effect of school racial composition on academic achievement often suggest modest and inconsistent benefits.” Similarly, the Commission notes that “studies of whether racial and ethnic diversity result in significant social and non-educational benefits report varied results.”

Now, being in favor of assigning students to school based on their “socio-economic status” is one thing.  But accusing somebody of being a racist, of trying to do harm to children because they’re a minority, is unconscionable. It is a slander and these people should be very deeply ashamed.

Republicans Running for US Senate

As an almost immediate follow up to my previous post about Republican options for US Senate this year, I have been reading their pages.

I particularly like this quote from the Brad Jones for US Senate site:

8. No government funds should be given, for any reason, to the largest provider of abortions in the U.S.; namely, “Planned Parenthood.” A baby is God’s creation from the moment of conception. If it is unwanted, for any reason, adoption is the only moral choice. The only reason to consider abortion is when the life of the mother and/or baby is threatened.

I couldn’t agree with that more.  Not. One. Dime. For. Planned Parenthood.  Ever.

And regarding Richard Burr, it seems that Mr. Jones agrees with me.

1. The current incumbent senator went along with all of the Bush administration’s outrageous spending policies up to and including the multi-billion dollar TARP bail-out passed in Bush’s final hours in office. Just recently he aligned with Kay Hagan to toss away another 15 billion of our tax dollars on the fiasco known as “The Jobs Bill.” We already have one Democrat party too many, yet our incumbent senator did all he could to help George Bush outspend the Democrats and create a second Democrat party. Now, he continues to do so.

Next up we have Eddie Burks

Here’s the money quote:

The Death Tax needs to be killed, cremated and the ashes buried, scattered abroad and shot into space.  Now, I don’t come from a wealthy family and probably won’t inherit anything of any great value other than sentimental, but the Death Tax is one of the worst, most unfair taxes ever created.  How on earth does it make sense to punish the citizens of North Carolina who have already earned income, that has already been taxed, and simply want to leave a family farm, business and home to a future generation?  For a family to have to sell off an inherited property to give more money to feed a giant government is just cruel.  Who better to grow our economy with a family business than the family that created it?

According to The Caswell Messenger, Larry Linney doesn’t have a campaign site, just a Facebook, so no easy quotes for him.

They all seem like good guys.  And I’d be perfectly happy to see any of them oust Burr in the primary.

Republicans Need To Act Now

The 2010 Primaries are coming up on May 4.  The Republicans have a choice to make.  To put their money on Richard Burr, or to select somebody else to challenge for the Senate.

The North Carolina Board of Elections shows that we have 3 options other than Burr:





I think that the record that Burr has compiled over his term is not one that is going to serve him well in his re-election bid.  I said in 2008 when he voted in favor of TARP that I wouldn’t forget.  And I haven’t.  And apparently the Democrats smell the blood in the water.  They’re coming hard.

You have got to be kidding me.

Protesting the Tea Parties?  Really?

Thus spake WRAL:

Meanwhile, members of N.C. Bail Out the People Movement and Raleigh Fight Imperialism, Stand Together plan to protest the Tea party activists.

What exactly does a protest of a Tea Party look like?  Please tax me more?  Please take more of my freedoms??
I realize that people are crazy enough to support anything.  Most of the time, the mere suggestion that it’s “for the children” is enough to get the electorate to throw their common sense out the window.  But what is the point in protesting a Tea Party?

The only reason that one would protest a Tea Party is if one were actively supporting a Marxist Takeover of the government.  But, I guess I just answered my own question.

And speaking of Marxist attempts at infiltrating our government, I have heard a lot of disturbing things about the SEIU becoming much more actively involved in North Carolina.  The SEIU is a threat to our way of life and must be opposed at every turn.

On Tax Day

Let us remember that no matter what, God is still in charge.

Throughout history, God has allowed man to institute governments that did not honor Him, or respect His wishes.  Many of us look back on history and read the Bible and thing about how much smarter we are than all those dopes in the past.  And then turn around and give more and more power to our own government because they wouldn’t ever behave in the same manner that powerful central governments behaved in the past.

In the United States, we have the unique opportunity to elect those that govern us.  Which means that not only do we get the government we want… we get the government we deserve.  The latest legislative monstrosities are just more insults in a long line of meddling and over regulation from the Federal Government (for our own good, of course).

In the Bible, it was “Give us a King like all the other nations”

In the United States, it’s “Give us health care like all the other modern western nations!”

We have been told it’s about compassion.  About caring for our fellow man.  But, in all the nearly 3,000 pages that was the health care bill, in the stimulus act, and in the upcoming boondoggles that are expected to be introduced shortly into the congress, I do not see Love.  I do not see concern for our fellow man.  I see only a lust for power, and a desire to enslave.

If Obama had meant one word of his talk about no earmarks, he never could have in good conscience signed the health care monstrosity.

If the Obama administration was serious about getting the economy back on track, they would prosecute a lot of these bankers for fraud.  There really isn’t any need for new laws if they’re not even going to make an attempt at enforcing the old laws.  It’s all a charade, as Karl Denninger has  repeatedly pointed out in his blog.  I think this post from The Market Ticker illustrates our problem rather well.

These lost jobs, lost savings and thousands of failed businesses were not an accident, they were not “unforeseeable” and they were not “unavoidable” or “part of a business cycle.”

Read the above again: Six to eight out of ten loans made out of that WaMu office were fraudulent.

Fraud is supposed to result in criminal charges and prison time.

Yet no indictments have issued, none of these banksters have gone to prison, and not only have the people responsible not been prosecuted they’ve gotten rich off their scams and kept the damn money that they stole!

But I digress.

God is still in control.  And He will make provisions for those that Love Him.  Tea party all you like.  By all means, vote in November.  But our political problems are symptom of a spiritual problem.  And we have to solve that one first.

And Richard Dawkins embarrasses himself (again)

Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are plotting legal action against the Pope.

I’m not a particularly big fan of the Pope.  I find him to be far too much of a socialist for my tolerance (amongst other things).  But really… trying to jail the Pope?  That’s just a little extreme.

As to the whether or not they can do it, I have no idea.  But it demonstrated the danger of the International Criminal Court.  Jesse Helms saved us from that disaster.

But, speaking of Christopher Hitchens, I can’t let it pass without posting this priceless gem:

The religion you cite in your book is generally the fundamentalist faith of various kinds. I’m a liberal Christian, and I don’t take the stories from the scripture literally. I don’t believe in the doctrine of atonement (that Jesus died for our sins, for example). Do you make and distinction between fundamentalist faith and liberal religion?

I would say that if you don’t believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ and Messiah, and that he rose again from the dead and by his sacrifice our sins are forgiven, you’re really not in any meaningful sense a Christian.