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Obama’s Birth Certificate…

3 years in, The Most Transparent Administration In US History releases a simple basic document that we peons have to show whenever we need to provide proof of our identity.


All I can really say is, It Is About Time.  Barack Obama is the President of the United States.  He has a responsibility to show that he is eligible for the office he holds.  And it doesn’t matter if he thinks that it’s “Silly”.


In fact, I think he should be ashamed of his comportment at his “press conference” this morning.  Barack Obama is the one who caused this entire controversy by being less than transparent about who he is.  He never should have let this go on this long.  And he certainly shouldn’t be lecturing the American people about it being “silly” and “having more important things to do”.  More important things to do?  We’re talking about the same guy who had time to fill out his NCAA bracket, and appear on The View.  He apparently has the time.

But at least he released it.  And people are already finding inconsistencies with the established narrative.  (not that that’s anything new… )  It seems like every time some new piece of information comes out about Obama’s life, the established media narrative has to be modified.

I just hope that “strongly suggests” turns out to be “idiot in Obama’s IT deparment”….


But lets go back to July 2009 when I last wrote about this

I stand behind thoughts 2 and 3, but number 1 I’ve changed my mind on.  Obama isn’t that clever.