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My Home is My Castle

My home is my castle.  Or at least it will be Dec 1.  WRAL reports on the update to the law in North Carolina:

Effective Dec. 1, gun owners will have less guesswork. The update to the law flips the burden of proof from the homeowner to prosecutors. If someone unlawfully crosses a homeowner’s threshold, whether there’s a weapon in the intruder’s hands or not, it’s automatically presumed that the person is a violent intruder.

Which only makes sense.  The law is not a license to kill, but it simply acknowledges our God given right to be secure in our homes and possessions.  The simple act of breaking into another person’s home is an act of aggression.  I for one am glad that the State of North Carolina is recognizing that law abiding citizens are not psychotic madmen intent on shooting up the state, and that criminals shot while in the process of invading another person’s home already broke one law, it is unreasonable to expect for a homeowner to sit there and try to figure out if the guy if a violent sociopath intent to kill or a drug addict looking to steal a TV and run away (which, of course, assumes that the drug addict stealing your tv is actually in his right mind).

Speaking of the Republicans…

I have been very pleasantly surprised by the NC GOP in the past week.  Last week, they passed the VoterID bill, which Bev Perdue vetoed.  The Republicans promptly swore to work to override the veto.  Maybe Michelle Bachmann told them where to get some titanium spines.  But now, we have something even better.

In the budget passed by the NC General Assembly, Vetoed by Beverly Perdue, and then put into effect through an override of her veto, the General Assembly has, at long last, cut off Planned Parenthood from the public dole.

The provider of family planning services will no longer be able to do business with the state or compete for the Department of Health and Human Services grants and contracts that amounted to $434,000 in 2010-11.

Planned Parenthood is screaming like a stuck pig.  But you want to talk about “Change that Matters”?  I would rather take my money, put it in a pile, pour gasoline over it, and set it on fire than give one penny to Planned Parenthood for any purpose.  And yet, it is acceptable to take my money via force of arms and turn it over to those blood suckers?

Abortion is the great evil of this generation, and we will be judged harshly by our progeny for the willingness we have shown to end the lives of the unborn.

And it gets even better.

The General Assembly has passed a law requiring a “Waiting Period” and counseling before abortions.  And Planned Parenthood is squealing about that too.  I guess the ghouls are worried that they won’t be able to extinguish the lives of as many unborn.

Beverly Perdue, ever the slave to the national Democratic Party these days and their special interests, of course, vetoed the bill.

RALEIGH, N.C — Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue on Monday vetoed Republican-penned legislation that would place medical and time hurdles in front of women considering abortions.

House Bill 854 would prohibit an abortion unless a woman is provided with state-specified information about the physician at least 24 hours in advance.

Women also would get information about the likely stage of development of the fetus, the medical risks of having an abortion and giving birth, and the availability of abortion alternatives. The woman would have to speak with a physician or nurse in person or by telephone to receive the information.

According to WRAL, in order to override the veto:

Based on the House and Senate votes when the legislature passed the abortion restrictions, bill supporters would have to find at least one vote more in each chamber to override any veto. The General Assembly’s reconvened session in mid-July is expected to consider such votes.

One vote in each chamber.  Surely that is doable.  If the Democrats want to choose this hill to die on, let us make them stake their position clearly for the world to see.  Make them defend the indefensible.  Let all the good ol’ boys in this state who vote for Democrats because the Republicans invaded the South and burned it in 1865 see what has become of the Democratic party.

My Two Cents on an Override of the VoterID Veto

I thought I would take a minute to write down my thoughts on the proposed GOP attempt to override Bev Perdue’s veto of the NC Voter ID bill.  I have been extremely pessimistic about the capacity of the Republicans to go toe to toe with the Democrats.   There are some times when discretion is the better part of valor.  But it seems that in my lifetime, any Republican whose last name wasn’t “Helms” ran up the white flag faster than a Frenchman facing a German invasion.  And as a case in point, we can go back to 2005 to the national Democrats threatening to filibuster George W. Bush’s judicial nominees.

Here’s what I said then:

Here’s what you do. You call for the vote on the judges. The Republicans all arrive at the same time, and every single one of them brings all the phone books from their respective states and piles them on Harry Reids table. The Republicans say nothing except what is required under parlimentary procedure. If they want to filibuster, make them filibuster.

What actually happened?  The GOP instead decided to have a slumber party in the Senate with the Democrats taking turns speaking on the issue.  And when the Democrats refused to play ball, Miguel Estrada gave up and went home.  Despite Republicans finding Democratic memos indicating that their opposition was based in part on him being hispanic – mostly because they wanted to be the first to appoint a hispanic to the Supreme Court.  And courtesy of their spinelessness, we now have brilliant luminary Sonia Sotomayor on the bench.

The point here is that these are decisions that have huge consequences for the state and the country.  I don’t have a problem with Democrats being Democrats and fighting for what they believe in.  What I have a HUGE problem with is Republicans going up to bat, taking one strike, and saying, “Oh well.  That was a good try.  We’ll get a hit next time”.

You don’t have to be mean.  You don’t have to be spiteful.  But when something matters, you Do Not Give Up. And the Republicans have taken the easy road for far far too long.  I’m glad they finally seem to be learning their lesson from 2006 (at least the North Carolina variety).

I’m tired of hearing that the Democrats got a majority because of Iraq. It didn’t have anything to do with Iraq. It had to do with the Republicans getting too big for their britches and selling out the people who put them in Washington in the first place. You don’t run as the party of fiscal restraint and spend like drunken sailors and expect for anybody to vote for you in the next election. I don’t care who you are, if you forget the people who voted for you in the first place, you’re gonna have an awful hard time getting reelected, and that’s what happened. The championed the “Bridge to Nowhere” and it got them nowhere. It’s fitting, and they got what they deserved.

Perdue Vetoes Voter ID

Bev Perdue has vetoed the Voter ID bill given to her by the NC General Assembly.  The reasoning of the Democrats absolutely boggles the mind.  In this day and time… having a state issued photo ID is an excessive burden?

Let us think this through for a moment.  The state passes out all manner of assistance from unemployment to food stamps via credit cards, right?  Or, at least according to North Carolina Division of Social Services, a debit card for food stamps, and for unemployment, a Master Card logoed debit card.

First – we in theory already have a list of people on government assistance and are further already issuing them little plastic cards.  What’s one more every few years?

Second, in this modern world of electronic funds transfers, is it really unthinkable that these people probably need a photo id anyway in order to use these cards?

And lastly – you have to have a photo id to buy cough syrup in this country.  Give me a break about “voting hardships” via a photo id.   None of these people ever buy Sudafed??


Dear Governor Perdue.  Stow the drama.  We the People of North Carolina want to know with confidence that the votes are not being rigged.  As your winged monkey (and the current Senate Minority Leader) Martin Nesbitt discusses in the video embedded in this post.

I’ve drawn ‘em three times now, and I’m telling you, there are a lot of Republicans around here, and it’s very difficult to keep Democrats in these seats – Martin Nesbitt.

And Democrats wonder why we don’t trust them.

I first saw this posted over at Katie’s Conservative Corner.  I, however, do not share the optimism from over there:

The Republicans have not yet announced when they will attempt to over ride the veto.

The reason they have not announced it is because they very likely do not have the votes in the NC House to override the veto.  And if history is any guide, the Republicans will not value making the Democrats take a stand on an issue – especially one that puts the Democrats in a nasty spot between pandering to their special interests and appealing to the majority.  Overriding her veto of the budget was a no brainer.  Her unrealistic desire to have every part of the NC budget get cut except for the public schools was just not ever going to happen and the Democrats in the general assembly realized that there were no points to be scored by fighting over the truly trivial cuts that the Republicans made.  This is an entirely different issue.  One that enough Democrats to override a veto probably will not defect over.

Which means just one thing.  Keep both houses and win the executive mansion in 2012.  Absolute victory is the only way we will get the reforms this state needs.

Kudos to the NC General Assembly

RALEIGH, N.C. — After the House got enough Democratic support in a late-night vote to override Gov. Beverly Perdue’s veto of the state budget, Republican senators completed the historic feat Wednesday afternoon.

There’s still lots of reform to do about how the State of North Carolina spends its money.  But it’s a start.  And getting rid of a tax is and castrating a Democratic Governor who seems to care more about what the DNC wants than what is good for North Carolina.

What does Libya mean for the Axis of Evil?

Ever since it came out that we were bombing Libya with the intention of ousting Muammar Gaddafi something has been bothering me.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  It seemed odd to engage Libya militarily after Gaddafi had publicly ended his WMD programs, paid restitution to the families of the victims of Pan Am 103, allowed international inspectors to verify that his WMD program was over, and signed some very lucrative oil deals with BP.


Libya had seemed like a case where reforms were coming without violence or the threat of violence – at long last.  And then the “Arab Spring” began – and a revolt fomented against Gaddafi.    We quickly support the rebels, only to hear reports that there is a meaningful overlap between the rebels and Al Qaeda.  Which makes our decision to attack Libya all the more baffling.  Is it now our intent to overthrow every oppressive regime in the world – after Obama wouldn’t utter a peep in the face of Iran’s sham elections?


Which brings me to the topic of this post.  It’s a question, really.  Does what we have done in Libya change our policy regarding Iran and North Korea (remaining charter members of the Axis of Evil)?  Specifically, at various points through the years, I have heard the argument that the Iranians and the North Koreans feel that they must have weapons of mass destruction (particularly ones of the nuclear variety) as a deterrent against the United States lest we take them out.  Gaddafi, by all appearances, was playing ball on the WMD front.   And as soon as we know he’s disarmed we try to depose him at the first opportunity.   And I know that the Iranians and the North Koreans are watching.  But the Iranians have been making a lot of noise lately.

And I find myself wondering, by taking action against Gaddafi has the Obama administration put a stake through the heart of any plans (how imaginary they may be) of resolving the conflict with Iran via diplomacy?  At this point, what is Hillary Clinton going to say if we demand Iranian disarmament and they come back and say “Do you think we’re crazy??  You’ll do to us what you did to Gaddafi!”.


The point here, isn’t to try to defend Gaddafi or his Libyan regime – which has certainly enough blood on its hands to deserve whatever it gets.  The point here is to just say that I think that there may be far reaching consequences to what is going on in Libya.  And one of those is that the Obama administration may have decided that diplomacy with Iran isn’t going anywhere.


I have always wondered what Obama’s reaction would be when Iran told him to go fly a kite.

Department of Education kicks in door?

Originally brought to my attention by Vox Day, it seems that the Department of Education has it’s own force of armed men and are willing to kick in peoples doors.


According to the local news where the incident occured;

U.S. Department of Education spokesman Justin Hamilton confirmed for News10 Wednesday morning federal agents with the Office of the Inspector General (OIG), not local S.W.A.T., served the search warrant. Hamilton would not say specifically why the raid took place except that it was part of an ongoing criminal investigation.

Hamilton said the search was not related to student loans in default as reported in the local media.

OIG is a semi-independent branch of the education department that executes warrants for criminal offenses such as student aid fraud, embezzlement of federal aid and bribery, according to Hamilton. The agency serves 30 to 35 search warrants a year.


Why does the Department of Education have armed men on their payroll and why are they running around kicking in people’s doors?? According to the warrant that has been released, it seems to me that they were looking for evidence of fraud in applying for federal student aid  (which would tend to agree with the above quote – fraud, embezzlement of federal aid, and bribery).  Unless there is some sort of information that I have not seen, kicking in a door over that is complete overkill – and is unacceptable in the United States of America.  The Department of Education has no business with guns.  If the education department thinks that somebody has defrauded them, they need to turn that over to the FBI.


The victim said that he thought it was a SWAT team, which would imply heavily armed men wearing body armor.  He said he was grabbed, handcuffed, and forced out of his house in his underclothes.  Over a crime that was nonviolent.


Reagan was right.  Abolish the Department of Education.

Sick and Wrong

The Anti-Circumcision zealots in San Francisco have certainly gone too far with this.   How is somebody supposed to view this campaign as anything other than a scheme to drive all Jews out of San Francisco?


An organizer behind a growing campaign to outlaw circumcision for infant boys now has created a comic book specifically targeting that Jewish practice, and critics say he’s gone too far by using Nazi images and stereotypes.

“This comic is modern anti-Semitism at its best. It is one story to fight against circumcision, and another to portray Jews in a false anti-Semitic stereotype. The Jewish depictions look like they came right out of Nazi Germany propaganda in the 1930s and 1940s,” wrote Hailey Dilman in a commentary at Digital Journal.

The comic is called “Foreskin Man” by MGMBill Comics. Its first edition was launched last year by Matthew Hess, who is president of the campaign lobbying for a vote that would end “male genital mutilation.”

A vote is scheduled on that proposal is San Francisco in the fall, and in support of that effort, Hess released a second edition of the comic.

On this issue, I am absolutely on the same page as the Anti-Defamation League.  And in fact, I’m willing to go farther than them.  Circumcision is not “Male Genital Mutilation” and this moronic crusade does nothing except belittle the problem of Female Genital Mutilation.
The Jewish people will survive this.  And California will be worse off if they decide to leave.