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Occupy Wall Street: My Thoughts

So, to start with, let us simply state up front:  Banks that took bailout money should have been forced into bankruptcy and liquidated.  There have been a lot of banks that committed very serious crimes (Wachovia laundering money for drug lords being one.  Banks forclosing on mortgages they didn’t rightfully own using forged documents being another).   There was plenty of illegal things going on (and still are) that the Bush Administration should have noticed and prosecuted and that the Obama administration has negligently failed to prosecute.

At this point, the “Occupy Wall Street Protestors” have failed to make a unified case for anything.  Nobody knows what exactly they want.  The “Proposed List of Demands” borders on some kind of farce and reads like the Soviet Constitution.  But, given the lack of any sort of agenda (that has been released at least) it leaves the movement open for people to imprint their personal feelings onto the movement.  And this is exactly the same thing that happened with Barack Obama in 2008.  The movement has no identity and people are making it out to be whatever they think the country needs.

Given the cast of characters we’ve seen parade through there, I simply do not trust the Occupy Wall Street movement.  If they ever decide that they stand for something that might change.  But dancing around and chanting and picketing don’t do anything for me except make me believe that  you’re a dirty hippie.