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Go Ted Go

Right now, Ted Cruz is on the Senate floor “filibustering” in support of defunding Obamacare.  Richard Burr said that attempting to defund Obamacare was “the stupidest thing he’d ever heard”.  To which I simply add another black mark next to Richard Burr’s name.  We are watching you, Burr, and we are not happy.

Here we go. As of 2:40pm ET, Cruz’s marathon session is officially underway. Interesting politics all around. Party leaders on Capitol Hill recognize that Cruz’s filibuster will fail, and quite a few Senate Republicans will, in fact, help ensure that outcome themselves. But so long as the junior Senator from Texas is engaged in an old-school talking filibuster, and slamming the president’s unpopular healthcare law, the Republican National Committee will have his back. RNC sources tell Townhall that party chairman Reince Priebus has launched an online petition in support of Cruz’s efforts, which will coincide with the Senator’s talk-a-thon.

I should note that the last time a Conservative had the guts to filibuster, Burr was dining with Obama and I further note that he also betrayed us on the gun bill vote.

Obamacare IS a disaster.  And the establishment Republicans are refusing to fight, instead hoping to use it to force Conservatives to stay in line behind them or else be crushed by big government.  Well, we refuse to follow socialist tyrants and we refuse to follow their unholy brethren in the Republican party as well.


My Thoughts On Syria

I am of the belief that any attack on Syria at this point would be foolish.

First – This situation in Syria is the direct result of meddling by the United States government.  The Obama Administration has been waging a proxy war against Iran.  This came up in the vice presidential debate where Joe Biden claimed that the Obama Admin was giving weapons to the rebels.  Now, most people have just said that was another idiot thing that Biden said, and that he really meant that the administration was aiding the rebels.  Given the lies and obfuscations by the Obama administration there is really no way to know.  But we have been giving them aid, the only question is how much.

Second – What are air strikes going to accomplish?  We know that Bashar Al-Assad has chemical weapons.  We also know that Assad probably has some stockpiles from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.  Missile strikes will not get those out of Assad’s hands, and depending on the objective – whether you believe that Obama merely wants to “teach Assad a lesson” or if he prefers “regime change” you get a different batch of trouble.  Lets take these one at a time.

  • Teaching Assad a lesson

If we engage in a campaign of strategic missile strikes and bombing of Syria designed to teach Assad a lesson, he has vowed to retaliate against our allies in the region.  So, best case scenario we bomb the daylights out of Assad and he only shoots back a few missiles at Israel, Turkey, and Iraq.  Worst case – those missiles Assad shoots off have chemical warheads on them and Hezbollah manages to smuggle some into the United States.  Or Hezbollah just decides to become active in the US.  That wouldn’t be much fun for us either.

  • Regime Change

So, we have been promised no boots on the ground, so for the moment we will take the politicians at their word and assume that there will simply be bombing and missile strikes.  Lets say we Gaddafi him.  Assad falls.  The Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels take power.  What exactly stops the Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels from getting their hands on the chemical weapons stockpiles??  That not only doesn’t sound any better to me, it in fact, sounds a lot lot worse.  It sounds like we are going from a situation that poses no imminent threat to us to a situation that is a very dire imminent threat – that being that Assad’s chemical weapons stockpiles could fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

But, just for the record, lets mark down what boots on the ground in Syria would look like:

Securing Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles and the facilities that produced them would likely require the U.S. to send more than 75,000 ground troops into the Middle Eastern country, MailOnline learned Wednesday.

That estimate comes from a secret memorandum the U.S. Department of Defense prepared for President Obama in early 2012.

U.S. Central Command arrived at the figure of 75,000 ground troops as part of a written series of military options for dealing with Bashar al-Assad more than 18 months ago, long before the U.S. confirmed internally that the Syrian dictator was using the weapons against rebel factions within his borders.

And lets talk for a moment about why we have no hope of a diplomatic solution to this mess.


I would like to further point out that Obama’s idiotic policy of “Regime Change” in Libya has ensured that Assad will never surrender his chemical weapons in a diplomatic solution. Gaddafi surrendered his weapons and submitted to an international inspection regime to show he had complied with the obligations of the treaty he signed. And as soon as the United States knew he was good and disarmed Obama arranged for he and any member of his family that was in Libya to suffer brutal deaths at the hands of the Libyan rebellion. Now, if you’re Bashar Al Assad and you watched this happen, what incentive do you have to cooperate with the United States and our allies? It looks pretty much like suicide to me – and I bet that Assad probably feels the same way.

And lastly, we have to consider the international scene.  Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this is that the Democrats are finally willing to admit that the United Nations is less than useless as an institution.  However, Captain Transparency, our fearless leader, has ensured that our deficits have gone through the roof.  People assume that when the Russians and the Chinese say that there will be consequences they mean militarily and that they’re not insane enough to get into that kind of fight with us.  But what nobody seems to be thinking about is that the Chinese, and the Russians to a lesser extent, are holding a knife to our throat that we gave them.  If the Russians and the Chinese all at once dump their Dollar reserves they could push the US economy right over the cliff it’s been teetering on and the entire inflation scenario of doom will come to pass.

Assuming, of course, that the fact that no international leader or body seems to have the slightest bit of respect for BHO doesn’t trigger World War III once we start flinging bombs around indiscriminately.