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Book Bomb Results

And so the Book Bomb for John C. Wright has come and gone. The results were pretty good for somebody of my meager influence. There were several reports of people who intended to buy the book a second time not being able to. And despite not getting a lot of feedback here at the blog, I did get notifications from several people that they had participated.

But, I will let the screen shots speak for themselves. As you can see from the screenshots below, the ranking of the book moved from #156,519 in Paid Kindle Books to #31,082. Which isn’t bad at all (not that I’ll be attempting to claim “Kingmaker” status any time soon).

JCWTBT 6-29-2015 0015

JCWTBT 6-29-2015 1355

JCWTBT 6-29-2015 2030

JCWTBT 6-30-2015 0033

Book Bomb for John C. Wright

The Boycott of TOR books is now in full swing. Throughout this event, it has come to my attention that the Social Justice Warriors at TOR books have gone so far as to deny the personhood of those who disagree with them in that they claim that those who took the time to actually write to TOR to express their offense at the unprofessional comments made by senior TOR staff were not really people, but merely spambots.

All of this has been covered nearly endlessly over the past few months so I will not rehash it here. However, this leads us to the subject at hand.


1) It has been implied that we are not real people, and it has been shown that certain groups are all talk and no action


2) John C. Wright as an author published by Tor books will be unfairly affected by the boycott

I do hereby announce the Book Bomb for John C. Wright will be held on Monday, June 29. We will be purchasing his book City Beyond Time: Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis published by Castalia House.

The purpose of this book bomb is two-fold. First, to help offset the losses that Mr. Wright will incur from the boycott. And secondly, to demonstrate to Tor/Macmillan that not only are we real people, we are real people who Actually Spend Money On Books (as opposed to those who just tweet about it) which is why I am linking to Amazon instead of Castalia House directly so that it can be clearly demonstrated that we are actually spending money.

Should any of you care to forward your order confirmations from Amazon to me at flannel_avenger (at) on Monday or comment here with your participation I will keep a tally of those participating and publish the results (and keep the proof available should the need arise).