It’s time for McCain to retire

I realize that he has stated he’s not running for re-election when his term is up, but it seems to me that it is time for John McCain to go quietly into retirement.  It is no small wonder that his presidential candidacy gave us a Barack Obama victory in 2008.

The time has come for the GOP to return to it’s principles and for John McCain to say a dignified farewell (contrary to his shenanigans of this past week).

I absolutely agree with Katie Pavlich’s take on him.

If you missed it yesterday, twice-failed presidential candidate and grossly out of touch dinosaur John McCain slammed Rand Paul’s filibuster. Today in the friendly Huffington Post, he’s doubling down on his comments and making really intellectually grounded constitutional arguments against those questioning the White House about the assassination of Americans on U.S. soil by calling them, “wacko birds.” McCain also took the time to insult the people who voted for Senators like Paul and Texas’ Ted Cruz.

And she would know about McCain, she’s from Arizona herself.

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