Defiance of Injustice is Heroism

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has taken exception to Roy Costner’s Valedictorian speech where he recited The LORD’s Prayer.  Reportedly saying the following:

The school district had been in a battle over public prayers after the FFRF filed a complaint objecting to what they called an “unconstitutional prayer practice.”

They hold the school district responsible for Costner’s open act of defiance and what they called a string of problematic religious violations.

“The valedictorian who so insensitively inflicted Christian prayer on a captive audience at a secular graduation ceremony, is a product of a school district which itself set an unconstitutional example by hosting school board prayer,” FFRF co-president Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a prepared statement.

I think that it is time to make something perfectly clear to the Marxists trying to consolidate power in this country.  We are not serfs.  We are not subject.  We Are Americans.

Roy Costner has the God Given and Constitutionally Guaranteed rights of Freedom Of Religion and Freedom of Speech and no judge, law, or “foundation” can take that from him or us.

This came up a few weeks ago talking about prayer opening county meetings in North Carolina.  The Federal Government has no right and no standing to tell how we may pray, where we may pray, and who we may pray to.

Becky Gerritson made headlines this week by going to Congress and telling them that they had “forgotten their place”.  The government has not forgotten its place.  It has overstepped the bounds of its authority in almost every way imaginable.  The Third Amendment to the Bill of Rights is pretty much the only one that has not been infringed.

There can be no answer to these infringements of our rights except defiance.

Patrick Henry said, “give me liberty or give me death!”.  Those are the options we should give to the government.  Compliance with these edicts that infringe on our God Given Rights cannot be an option if we expect for the government to respect them in the future.

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