Go Ted Go

Right now, Ted Cruz is on the Senate floor “filibustering” in support of defunding Obamacare.  Richard Burr said that attempting to defund Obamacare was “the stupidest thing he’d ever heard”.  To which I simply add another black mark next to Richard Burr’s name.  We are watching you, Burr, and we are not happy.

Here we go. As of 2:40pm ET, Cruz’s marathon session is officially underway. Interesting politics all around. Party leaders on Capitol Hill recognize that Cruz’s filibuster will fail, and quite a few Senate Republicans will, in fact, help ensure that outcome themselves. But so long as the junior Senator from Texas is engaged in an old-school talking filibuster, and slamming the president’s unpopular healthcare law, the Republican National Committee will have his back. RNC sources tell Townhall that party chairman Reince Priebus has launched an online petition in support of Cruz’s efforts, which will coincide with the Senator’s talk-a-thon.


I should note that the last time a Conservative had the guts to filibuster, Burr was dining with Obama and I further note that he also betrayed us on the gun bill vote.

Obamacare IS a disaster.  And the establishment Republicans are refusing to fight, instead hoping to use it to force Conservatives to stay in line behind them or else be crushed by big government.  Well, we refuse to follow socialist tyrants and we refuse to follow their unholy brethren in the Republican party as well.


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