More Toll Road Fun!

And so the State of North Carolina continues to dig their hole.  In addition to having a very nice, very expensive stretch of road that nobody drives on, and now they’re raising the rates.  Which will further discourage anybody from driving on the blasted thing.  When the tolls they’re collecting don’t even cover the cost of running the turnpike authority itself, never mind paying down toll debt.

WRAL tells of of the story of a man who simply forgot to pay a $0.45 cent bill for driving on The Monument to Fiscal Irresponsibility. 

The fine consisting of pocket change turned into a $37.45 bill, thanks to monthly fees and civil penalties

$37.00 worth of fines.  Fines that can…

The agency has set deadlines between Jan. 31 and March 31 (depending on how much is owed) for residents to pay.

Not doing so will result in their bill being sent to collections, which could affect their credit scores. Their tax refunds will also be garnished starting April 1. In addition, North Carolina drivers will have their vehicle registrations placed on hold until payment is made.

And they’re raising the rates.

The NC-540 Toll Road Experiment has thus far been a complete failure.  I see no reason to believe it will not continue to be a complete failure.  It’s time to suck it up, end the turnpike authority, and start managing the states resources in a responsible way.

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