Book Bomb Results

And so the Book Bomb for John C. Wright has come and gone. The results were pretty good for somebody of my meager influence. There were several reports of people who intended to buy the book a second time not being able to. And despite not getting a lot of feedback here at the blog, I did get notifications from several people that they had participated.

But, I will let the screen shots speak for themselves. As you can see from the screenshots below, the ranking of the book moved from #156,519 in Paid Kindle Books to #31,082. Which isn’t bad at all (not that I’ll be attempting to claim “Kingmaker” status any time soon).

JCWTBT 6-29-2015 0015

JCWTBT 6-29-2015 1355

JCWTBT 6-29-2015 2030

JCWTBT 6-30-2015 0033

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