Show some spine

To the Senate Republicans:

Shut up about ending the filibuster. It’s not necessary. I bet that the Democrats would fold after 48 hours in a real filibuster.

Here’s what you do. You call for the vote on the judges. The Republicans all arrive at the same time, and every single one of them brings all the phone books from their respective states and piles them on Harry Reids table. The Republicans say nothing except what is required under parlimentary procedure. If they want to filibuster, make them filibuster.

Make sure your staffers are recording c-span while they do it too.

There’s nothing wrong with the filibuster, there’s nothing wrong with principled dissent. What is wrong is when a majority cows before the minority because of an idle threat. There is no threat of violence, only a battle of wills. If the Democrats really care about stopping judicial reform, make them.

If you lack the will to even look them in the eye and call their bluff, don’t come crying to me in ’06 or ’08. I’ll be voting for somebody who at least has the courage of their convictions.

6 thoughts on “Show some spine

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  2. matt

    The filibuster isn’t supposed to be used in the case of Judicial nominees. It’s straight up voting only.

    The Dems are lucky the Republicans are humoring them.

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